A new era in law

The W. P. Carey Foundation, one of the leading philanthropic supporters of educational institutions, has made a $125 million gift to the law school at the University of Pennsylvania. In recognition of the Foundation’s generosity and in honor of the Carey family and its long-term involvement with Penn, the school will be named the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

W. P. Carey Foundation made the largest gift ever to a law school. The $125 million donation will allow the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School to build upon its already strong and highly recognized academic programs.


Providing incredible opportunities

The gift will allow the Law School to increase student financial support, ensuring robust support for historically underrepresented students both in legal education and in the profession; expand upon one of the longest-standing, rigorous, and expansive pro bono programs of any peer law school; and support the recruitment of the finest scholars who will generate new research insights that will inform and impact the profession.


The gift will bolster cross-disciplinary opportunities for law students at Penn’s 11 other top-ranked graduate and professional schools, preparing the next generation of leaders in the law, business, government, and in the public interest.”

William P. Carey II WG’19
Chairman of the W. P. Carey Foundation

The Carey Foundation’s historic gift will further elevate an outstanding multidisciplinary program of legal education at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Amy Gutmann
President of University of Pennsylvania

To amplify and extend our existing success, we must attract and support the best students, foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment in the broadest sense, recruit the finest scholars and teachers, and support our graduates as they enter and navigate a rapidly changing profession. This gift will make possible the achievement of those goals and more.”

Ted Ruger
Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School 


Celebrating a decades-long partnership

The W. P. Carey Foundation is one of the nation’s leading philanthropic supporters of educational institutions and has a long and deep history with the University of Pennsylvania. Generations of family members have attended the University over the past three centuries. This gift honors this partnership.


Meet me at the Goat

Haaga Lounge is home to “The Goat,” an iconic bronze statue that is the unofficial mascot of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, and which serves as a landmark for a popular meeting place in Silverman Hall. The Goat is from Chinese lore dating back to the days of Shun (legendary sage-ruler, circa 2200 B.C.), and is actually Hsieh-Chai, a supernatural animal goat-like in appearance but with only one horn, endowed with the ability to detect between the guilty and upright. According to legend, when the famous minister Kao Yao tried cases in which guilt was uncertain, he would order Hsieh-Chai to butt the guilty party, and spare the innocent.

Photo caption: Henry Mitchell. The Goat, 1962. Bronze. (Donated by Clarence Morris, former Professor of Law)