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Student Organizations 

  • American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

    Founded in 2001, ACS is a national organization of law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, policy makers, and activists. The organization is driven by the goal of ensuring that important principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice retain a central place in American law. We believe that those who create, interpret, and enforce our laws must have a greater concern for the way in which it affects the personal lives of those it governs. Members of ACS recognize the direct relationship between legal theory and the broader debate about the kind of society in which we live. We hope to revitalize and transform the legal debates in classrooms, federal courtrooms, and the media into one that encompasses the broad range of interests at stake in our nation. We view law as an integral mechanism for governing the relationship between and among the individuals and institutions that form our society.  The American Constitution Society is a non-partisan, non-profit educational organization. ACS does not lobby, litigate, or take positions on specific issues, cases, legislation, or nominations. We do, however, encourage our members to express their unique viewpoints. Please feel free to get in touch through email or attend an event to get involved!


    Contact: Allison Perlin (

                   Jon Gould (

  • Asian Law Review
  • Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

    Penn APALSA is the largest student-run affinity organization at Penn Law. APALSA invests in the professional, academic, and personal development of its members. APALSA strives to promote Asian American interests in the legal sphere by engaging its members and the greater surrounding legal community in critical contemporary legal topics and by preparing its members for well-rounded and successful legal careers. Most importantly, APALSA welcomes any and all students, regardless of race, with an interest in Asian American issues. APALSA holds a number of events throughout the year. These include social (trip to Atlantic city, karaoke nights, and annual banquet), professional (expert panels, OCI strategy, judicial clerkship preparation), and academic (outline bank, assistance with course selection, journal preparation) events. We also host an annual APALSA Conference which brings in students and speakers from around to country to discuss important legal issues affecting Asian Americans.  Keynote speakers have included judges, government officials from around the world, and presidents of NGOs.



  • Beyond a Reasonable Stout (B.A.R.S)

    Beyond a Reasonable Stout connects Penn Law students with Philadelphia’s vibrant craft beer culture. And through brewery tours, tastings, talks, and events, BRS educates members about the diverse range of beer styles and brewing processes, as well as craft beer’s connections to agriculture, gastronomy, community outreach, and local economies. Ultimately, BRS promotes a heightened awareness of brewing as an art form and craft brewing as fast-growing industry. 

  • Black Law Student Association (BLSA)

    BLSA provides support, encouragement, and advice to students who identify themselves as African-American, Caribbean, or African. BLSA membership is open to all Penn Law students and provides valuable programming to inform and enlighten its members and the Penn community at large. BLSA serves its members and local community through many programs including the annual Sadie Alexander Conference; Project Peace; Pan-Africa Program; Fredrick Douglass Moot Court; intensive first-year success program; exam prep workshops; professional development workshop series; networking programs with alumni; and mentoring program with pre-law students from local universities.

  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Law

    The Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Law (CSSAL) aims at helping Chinese international students and scholars understand the laws and rights in the US and better communicate with the legal system. By doing so, members of CSSAL will develop legal research and communication skills. We plan to invite Chinese speaking practicing lawyers to give general legal advices, informing Chinese international students and scholars the laws and rights in the US with hypotheticals and scenarios, without providing legal advice or any other service of the practices of law, and possibly inviting practitioners in the legal industry from China to deliver talks and to research the law in the US. In addition, we can connect Penn Law community to legal practitioners in China to either learn Chinese law in general, or to visit legal scholars and private or public legal practitioners in China.


    Contact info:

  • Christian Legal Society (CLS)

    Penn Law’s CLS Chapter is a non-denominational organization affiliated with the national CLS grassroots network of lawyers, law professors, and law students.  To integrate our Christian faith into our current studies and future endeavors as legal professionals, CLS is committed to providing law students with a means of society, fellowship, and discipleship and a forum for discussion of problems and opportunities related to Christianity and the law.  CLS holds weekly meetings over lunch, Bible studies, social events, and an annual weekend retreat.  We welcome you to learn more about CLS by contacting us at


  • Community of Catholic Law Students
  • Council of Student Representatives (CSR)

    The Council is the elected government of the Law School student body. CSR has four major purposes: (1) Represent the interests and address the concerns of the student body; (2) Coordinate and regulate student activities and funds in the interest of the student body; (3) Communicate with the student body, administrative offices, student leaders, as well as other departments in the university system on relevant issues; and (4) Provide services that improve the quality of life of Penn Law students.

  • Entertainment and Sports Law Society (ESLS)

    The University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Entertainment and Sports Law Society (ESLS) is dedicated to exploring the legal, business, and ethical issues that arise in the sports and entertainment industries.  Through guest speakers, panels, trips to 76ers games, and an annual Sports Law Symposium, ESLS facilitates an ongoing dialogue among the Penn Law community on issues such as labor and collective bargaining, contract law and negotiations, intellectual property, and social justice.  In addition to its academic mission, ESLS is committed to providing opportunities for students to network and interact with professionals working in sports and entertainment, and to offer members essential guidance on obtaining internships and jobs.  For more information and/or to get involved, please visit our website ( and/or contact us at

  • Equal Justice Foundation (EJF)

    The Equal Justice Foundation, a student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, encourages law students to pursue their aspirations of serving low-income clients by providing financial support to students who take public interest jobs.

  • Federalist Society

    The Penn Federalist Society is an organization of conservative, libertarian, and moderate law students interested in the current state of the legal order. We are founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. As a student group, we host weekly speaking events featuring esteemed judges, law professors, and prominent legal advocates. We welcome all students and are committed to encouraging dialogue and fostering policy understanding at Penn. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)

    The aim of the Association is to ensure the well-being of all Jewish students regardless of denominational affiliation enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania Law School. To these ends, we promote Jewish identity, encourage Jewish students to participate in all aspects of campus life, support issues of concern to the greater American and global Jewish communities, and provide a forum for Jewish social and educational events and discussion of matters pertaining to Jewish interests. Over the past few years, JLSA has organized Shabbat dinners, Purim Megillah readings, and Yom Kippur post-fast meals. If you have any questions or would like to get involved with JLSA, please contact

  • Kairos - Open Discourse Society
  • Lambda Law

    Lambda Law is a student organization for LGBT-identified students and their allies. Lambda Law works to represent LGBT concerns in academia and in the wider community. We are committed to fostering a community that embraces the diversity that exists within the LGBT community and providing a platform for students to share their stories. By organizing forums, bringing speakers to campus, and hosting social events we hope to continue the tradition of being one of the most inclusive and empowering groups on campus. For more information about Lambda Law, please visit

  • Latinx Law Students Association (LALSA)

    LALSA aims to enhance the student experience at Penn Law. We are committed to the academic, social, and professional development of our members and aim to increase outreach, diversity, and Latinx awareness in our community.

  • Law School Light Opera Company (LSLO)

    The Light Opera Company has brought music and entertainment to the Penn community for over thirty years! Every spring, we perform a comedy musical that brings the arts (and laughs!) to our campus. Light Opera provides an opportunity for students to showcase their musical and dramatic talents, and it serves as a welcome relief from the rigor of academic pursuits.

  • Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA)

    MLSA bases itself on the philosophy present in the oft-cited verse of the Holy Qur’an: “O humankind, God has created you from male and female and made you into diverse nations and tribes so that you may come to know each other. Verily, the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous” (49:13). MLSA welcomes the participation of all members of the Penn Law community and encourages the presence of Muslims from diverse schools of thought, levels of faith and backgrounds. The operating precept of MLSA is mutual respect within one’s devotion to God. MLSA hopes to foster a welcoming atmosphere for every law student wishing to learn more about Islam and/or gain support from their community.

  • National Lawyers Guild

    The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system. Through its members–lawyers, law students, jailhouse lawyers and legal workers united in chapters and committees–the Guild works locally, nationally and internationally as an effective political and social force in the service of the people. The Penn Law Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild organizes critical responses to timely national and local issues relevant to lawyers, law students, and the community at large. In addition to hosting social and political events throughout the year, the Penn NLG is committed to creating and sustaining student led clinical programs. The most recent of these programs is the new and flourishing Prisoner’s Rights Clinic.

  • Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

    The Penn Law Native American Law Student Association (NALSA) is a student run organization dedicated to creating a supportive environment for Native American students. NALSA is inclusive of all and is committed to educating the Penn Law student body about Indian law, indigenous rights, tribal sovereignty, and peaceful resolution / alternative sentencing options.



    • Native American Women: Governance and Survivance Panel
    • All Ivy Dinner
    • NALSA & Admissions Coffee House



    • ALL Ivy Dinner
    • Various Panels
    • Employer Networking Events


    GET INVOLVED: NALSA annually selects upperclassmen from Penn Law to serve as board members as well as a number of 1L students to serve as 1L representatives. For the 2018-2019 academic year Board Member Applications will become available in August and will be accepted on a rolling basis until early September. 1L Representative Applications will become available in early September and will be accepted on a rolling basis until late September. If you’re interested in becoming a member of NALSA, or getting involved with a NALSA event please reach out to the current president. As our mission statement says, we welcome all students, regardless of ethnicity!

    Executive Positions Include:
    President, Co-President, Treasurer, Social Chair, Advocacy Chair

    1L Representative Positions:
    We aim to appoint 2-3 first-year students as 1L representatives. These students will attend board meetings, and promote NALSA and NALSA events to their classmates.

  • Older Wiser Law Student Association (OWLS)

    OWLS (Older Wiser Law Students) is a newish organization, which fosters community for non-traditional law students (e.g. older students, second-career students, married and/or parenting students) as well as anyone who’s just not feeling as young as they used to. Dedicated to being a place for low-key engagement, we gather for drinks, board games, and good conversation throughout the year. If you’re looking for a new group of friends or have an idea for an event, our door is always open! 


    For more information, please contact Elise Brumbach ( or Katharina Schwarz ( 

  • Partners at Law School (PALS)

    Partners at Law School (PALS) provides an opportunity for the significant others (Partners) of Penn Law students to meaningfully participate in the life and culture of Penn Law. The group serves as a strong social network where students, Partners, and family members are able to share information, enjoy experiences together, and build lasting friendships. Events include welcome parties, holiday celebrations, dinner parties, kid-friendly outings, and outdoor picnics.

    Contact information:

    Co-President: Amy McKenney (845-270-4550)

    Co-President: Kimmy Barocas (949-412-6832)

    Treasurer: Aaron McKenney (845-271-9265)

  • Penn Intellectual Property Group (PIPG)

    The Penn Intellectual Property Group is the student home for intellectual property on campus.  Our members’ interests span the full range of IP—from patent litigation to IP licensing to privacy to even space law.  The group hosts events and panels throughout the year, bringing in speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including media and entertainment law, patent law, and copyright law.  In past years, these speakers have included a sitting federal judge, the composer for Seinfeld, distinguished professors, and several practicing attorneys.  PIPG’s year culminates with an annual symposium on new topics in IP law, bringing together lawyers and entrepreneurs from around the country to discuss the legal issues surrounding emerging technology and other industries.  Topics have included fashion, open source technology, the gene-editing technology CRISPR, and design patents.


    Students looking to get involved in the group can contact us at to be added to our list serve.  Additionally, we take applications for 1L representatives in the Fall and for other board positions in the Spring semester.   


  • Penn Law A Cappella

    The Penn Law Acappellants are Penn Law’s only a cappella group!  We hold one concert per year and rehearse weekly.  If you like to sing and want a creative outlet at law school, come audition!  You can follow us at or contact our President, Evan Shaver, at


    You can find a number of photos and videos on the group’s Facebook page here:

  • Penn Law and the Arts

    Penn Law and the Arts explores the intersection of the legal and arts communities. We’re a group of dancers, painters, musicians, actors, and audience members who appreciate the power of art to open channels of creativity, promote understanding, and breathe life into our legal careers. We host activities throughout the year with help from Philadelphia ballet companies, local museums, art law practitioners, and acclaimed academics. Past events have included a lecture on obscenity and censorship, an art law careers panel, a theater outing, and a tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our season culminates with an art show in May showcasing work from our fellow Penn Law classmates. Join us today and add depth and color to your law school experience! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to co-presidents Brendan Holman ( and Owen Alderson (

  • Penn Law Basketball Association

    The purpose of the league is to foster fun, physical fitness, competition and fair play among the men and women of the Penn Law community. The league is held on Fridays during the spring semester and allows the Penn Law community to play and cheer for each other. Approximately 10 teams participate annually. The Penn Law Basketball League consists of a seven-week season and one week of playoffs. The champion of the league is presented with a trophy at the conclusion of the playoffs.

  • Penn Law Bowling League

    James Wilson founded Penn Law in 1790 to give the members of his bowling league something to do during the daytime, and the Penn Law Bowling League (PLBL) has abided as the backbone and spiritual tentpole of the institution ever since. Through untold generations, social upheavals and awakenings, births, deaths, droughts, blizzards, boom-times, recessions, war, peace, and the slow passage of time that weaves these threads into the textiles we call our lives, and our lives in turn into the tapestry of history, there has remained one constant: on Wednesday evenings, Penn Law students gather together to unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and bowl poorly.


    The League comprises sixteen teams (because that is how many lanes there are at our bowling alley), with four law students per team. PLBL uses the handicap system to ensure that all regular season games are theoretically competitive. At the end of each semester, the two teams who have won the most games compete in a non-handicapped, best-of-three final match to be honored as the season champion and recipient of the Jesus Quintana Cup. Despite the nominally competitive nature of the League’s activities, all who enjoy good times are encouraged to apply regardless of bowling skill.


    Teams from the previous year automatically retain their membership in the League, and new teams are selected by lottery at the beginning of the fall semester. Membership in the League is a weekly commitment, and individuals who plan to ever miss bowling as a matter of personal preference (rather than due to illness or one-time conflict) should refrain from applying so that their spots may go to those who intend to immerse themselves fully in the PLBL experience. Occasional absences being inevitable, however, the League invites other law students to serve as substitutes for their ill and conflicted classmates as necessary. Bowling season concludes two weeks before the end of classes each semester. 

  • Penn Law Boxing Club

    Are you looking to get fit and feel fierce? Did you move to Philadelphia to become Rocky? Join the Penn Law Boxing Club! Professional boxing coaches and staff train Law and Wharton students throughout the fall and spring semesters. Club members can sign up for hour-long sessions that focus on boxing conditioning. Additional sparring sessions prepare club members to participate in boxing matches. Sparring training culminates with Fight Night, a charity boxing event held each March between the Law School and Wharton.

  • Penn Law Chapter of National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSD)

    The Penn Law chapter of National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSD) is a brand-new student affinity group founded in Spring 2018. Our mission to promote and attain equal educational access to law students with disabilities through advocacy, education, and outreach efforts. We also hope to partner with other affinity groups around within the law school. NALSD is dedicated to promoting educational equality for students with physical, mental, and learning disabilities and centers the student experience in proposing solutions to problems and barriers to access within the institution. Students of all abilities in NALSD are invited to join, and we are thrilled to have allies join and participate as well. We would also appreciate hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions regarding how we can make Penn Law more accessible for everyone! If you would like more information about NALSA or you would to get involved, please contact B.J. Courville at

  • Penn Law Chapter of the Louis D. Brandeis Center

    The mission of the Penn Law Chapter of the Louis D. Brandeis Center is to combat religious, ethnic, and other types of discrimination, and to raise awareness of these issues on campus and within the wider community. We plan to accomplish our mission through a combination of speakers, campus events, and pro bono work. We work closely with the Louis D. Brandeis Center, a Washington D.C. based independent, unaffiliated, nonprofit corporation established to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promote justice for all.


    Contact: Rachel Chiger (

  • Penn Law Circus Club
  • Penn Law Entrepreneurship Club
  • Penn Law Feminists
  • Penn Law Film Society

    The Penn Law Film Society aims to bring students together through the medium of film. We host several screening events each semester, often partnered with other organizations at Penn Law. Whether you’re looking to see the latest critically-acclaimed movie, rewatch an old favorite with new friends, or just escape the library for a couple of hours, the Penn Law Film Society has you covered.


    If you’re a fellow cinephile and would like to join our ranks, or if you have a suggestion for our next screening, please reach out to Ian Crampton ( or Neil Deininger (

  • Penn Law First Generation Professionals
  • Penn Law Flag Football

    We play flag football once a week and it’s LIT, would be a great summation in my humble opinion. We will send out an email in the fall and people form teams and respond is how to join. 


    Contact Heath Khan, or Jon Gould

  • Penn Law Football Club (Soccer)

    Penn Law Football Club is Penn’s premier soccer team. We play weekly against other Penn schools and organizations as well as schools from the area such as Temple or Villanova. There are league competitions both in the Fall and Spring semesters and we welcome both men and women, JDs and LLMs to the team. Captained by Sam Gold, Daniel Raiken, Owen Alderson, and Evan Frohman, we invite everyone to come blow off some steam and procrastinate in the healthiest way possible. The team looks to balance fun and competitiveness; all skill levels are welcome, we range from casual to former college players. To get involved, look for posts in the Penn law Facebook groups and come by one of our practices. Alternatively, you can reach out to Evan Frohman at or 631-885-3194.

  • Penn Law for Philly

    Penn Law for Philly seeks to build a community of Pen Law students dedicated to living and working in Philadelphia after graduation.  By fostering connections between current students and local alumni, in addition to providing opportunities for engagement with the local legal and pro bono sectors, we hope to increase the number of Penn Law students who commit to a career in Philadelphia.

  • Penn Law International Arbitration Association
  • Penn Law Mock Trial Association

    The Penn Law Mock Trial Association (PLMTA) gives Penn Law students an opportunity to learn and practice trial advocacy skills in a live setting. Training sessions, held weekly each fall, are run by adjunct professor and professional litigator Bob Englert. The skills taught by Bob and refined through competition include delivering opening and closing statements, making objections, and having strong courtroom presence. PLMTA members compete at tournaments throughout the country, and have competed in New York City, Washington D.C., Texas, and Puerto Rico in recent years. PLMTA also hosts an annual intramural competition, where law students form teams and compete to have their names inscribed on the Englert Cup. PLMTA is proud of its strong alumni network, and former PLMTA members come back each year to help judge the intramural competition.

    Contact Information: PLMTA President: Allie Cohen

  • Penn Law Monologues
  • Penn Law National Security Society

    The Penn Law National Security Society is uniquely positioned at the intersection of law and national security. We host discussions around a diverse selection of practice areas, including international trade (CFIUS work), the interplay of U.S. and international law, humanitarian law, privacy and technology, access to justice and the rule of law in developing countries, and many others. This growing group is committed to leveraging Penn’s location between New York and Washington, D.C. to connect with professionals in the field (both Penn alums and non-alums) for speaker engagements, mentorship opportunities, and career advice. In addition to individual events, the National Security Society hosts an annual conference at Penn Law, showcasing a range of topics in the field. Finally, we coordinate students interested in participating in the Georgetown National Security Crisis Law Invitational in the spring semester, which is a 2-day intensive national security simulation attended by top US law students as well as lawyers from Australia, Canada, and the UK.

    To get involved, please feel free to reach out to our presidents, Katherine Joseph (kljoseph@pennlaw.upenn.udu) and Katharina Schwarz (, and look for us at the Student Activities Fair during orientation week!

  • Penn Law Palestine Solidarity

    The mission of Penn Law Palestine Solidarity (PLPS) is to promote peace, justice, human rights, and liberation for the Palestinian people. PLPS works to open up dialogue and raise awareness within the Penn Law community about the Palestinian struggle and to provide opportunities for the voices of Palestinians and their advocates to be heard.

    We are opposed to all forms of racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination and bigotry, including antisemitism and Islamophobia.

    Events: Last year, PLPS hosted a number of events to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle. Two highlights include a panel during Public Interest Week marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel and the forced expulsion of 750,000 indigenous Palestinians from their land, and a panel on anti-boycott legislation featuring a litigator from the ACLU.

    Contact Information: or

  • Penn Law Philosophy Club

    The mission of the Penn Law Philosophy Club is to provide a forum for the sorts of conversations we believe most people wish they could have but for which they never find quite the right time or place.  We meet once or twice a month at one of several local pubs and, starting out from a set topic like “anxiety” or “the nature of time,” follow the discussion wherever it leads us.  We welcome anyone who is interested in philosophy (broadly construed)–no prior study is required! 

  • Penn Law Public Speaking Society

    The Penn Law Public Speaking Society provides a safe and comfortable environment to practice your public speaking skills. We practice everything from networking conversations to giving presentations in front of small and large groups. In our weekly meetings, students give one another constructive feedback that is helpful to both experienced and novice public speakers. The Penn Law Public Speaking Society is a great place for you to practice presentations, refine oral arguments, and make great friends along the way. To get involved, contact Mickey Hartz or Daniel Raikin at

  • Penn Law Real Estate Club

    The Penn Law Real Estate Club works in conjunction with Wharton’s Zell & Laurie Real Estate center to provide an opportunity for law students interested in the real estate industry to participate in meetings, panel discussions and informal activities with students, academics and businessmen who share a passion for real estate. Law students in the Penn Law Real Estate club are given the chance to meet with some of the biggest names in the industry and develop a one-on-one rapport with active professionals though the Zell & Laurie mentorship program.

    Anyone interested in becoming involved can send an email to; we will also be holding an introduction meeting in the fall. 

  • Penn Law Running Club

    The Penn Law Running Club is a casual group of runners that meets twice a week for group runs. On occasion, we will go out for a post-run coffee or happy hour.  All skill levels and speeds welcome! For more information, contact Andrew Jeon at

  • Penn Law Ski Club

    The Penn Law Ski Club offers students an opportunity to meet other Penn Law ski and snowboard enthusiasts, socialize outside the classroom, and enjoy excursions to mountains throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  Our goal in our inaugural season is to organize 2 day trips to mountains in PA, NJ or NY, and an overnight weekend trip to NH, VT, or ME.  Come hit the slopes with us!

  • Penn Law Softball

    Penn Law Softball organizes teams for Penn Law students to participate in UVA’s annual softball tournament in Charlottesville, VA. It’s a weekend of fun, collegiality, and (hopefully) great weather. You can get involved by signing up at the Student Activities Fair held at the beginning of each school year. Alternatively, you can get in contact with either Evan Shaver ( or Margaret Ledak (

  • Penn Law Students for Israel

    What does it mean to be “for” Israel?  Our group hopes to show that there is no single answer to that question because there are so many reasons to be “for” Israel.  Whether you are a religious Jew, Christian, or Muslim who feels a connection to many of the holiest sites in the world, an advocate for the only democracy in the Middle East, a proponent for the only safe place for LGBTQ people to live in the Middle East, an interested student in the rapid development of Israel’s business and tech sector or a supporter of the unmatched security cooperation and alliance between the U.S. and Israel, it is our goal to create a community here at Penn Law for you to join.  Through the establishment of this group, it is our hope to sponsor and organize activities and speakers to join us here at Penn Law in order to build and promote awareness within our community

  • Penn Law Tennis Club

    Penn Law Tennis Club is a noncompetitive recreational sport club, aimed at fostering physical health in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Practice is held once a week in the evening at Penn’s outdoor and indoor tennis facility (Hamlin/Hecht Tennis Centers), though on occasion members organize Grand Slam or tournament viewing parties. Penn Law Tennis Club welcomes players of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to former college players. To get involved, look out for Penn Law Tennis Club at the Student Activities Fair, or reach out to Simone Hussussian by email at

  • Penn Law Veterans Club

    The mission of Penn Law Veterans is to promote military veteran recruiting, retention of military veteran admitted students, and advancement of veteran interests at Penn Law. The group will also provide opportunities for veteran fellowship and advancement, organize veteran recruitment events, and provide a single voice to the staff and faculty for veteran specific issues.

  • Penn Law Women’s Association (PLWA)

    The Penn Law Women’s Association supports women academically, fosters their professional development and creates a social community within Penn Law and the university at large. To achieve these goals, the PLWA holds networking events and career panels, provides a mentorship program pairing 1Ls with upperclass women, and sponsors social and community events. The programming culminates in the Annual Dinner, which brings faculty, alumni and students together to listen to a keynote speaker and share their personal experiences.

  • Society for the Advancement of Law and Talmud (SALT) (Formerly Mincha Minyan)

    The mission of this group is to assemble a daily prayer quorum in the Law School (minyan) and to pray the Jewish afternoon prayer service (mincha), in satisfaction of its members’ obligations to pray the afternoon prayers in a quorum, as defined by the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch), and its major commentators (e.g. Nosei Keilim, Mishna Berurah).

  • South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)

    The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) provides those interested in South Asian culture at Penn Law School a forum to discuss South Asian issues, celebrate our shared experiences and encourage legal debate and participation within the South Asian community. Penn SALSA is an official chapter of the North American South Asian Law Students Association. 

    Penn SALSA has a strong mentorship program for entering 1Ls, and we frequently organize social events, speaker events, and cultural events for our community and the law school. This year, SALSA will be hosting its 1st Annual Conference (more details to follow), which will allow members to network directly with attorneys and firms, and hear from renowned South Asian speakers in the legal field.

    To get involved, please contact

  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (JBL)

    The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law is an expansion of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law, which has published cutting-edge business and employment scholarship for more than a decade. Founded in 1997, the Journal publishes articles and comments on a broad range of business law topics including corporate governance, securities regulation, capital market regulation, employment law and the law of mergers and acquisitions. 

  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law (JCL)

    The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law provides a forum for the academic advancement and interdisciplinary study of constitutional law. To that end, JCL cultivates innovative scholarship, promotes critical perspectives, and reinvents the traditional study of constitutional law. As part of its mission, JCL is committed to publishing five issues each year via both print and electronic mediums. JCL is one of only ten non-law review publications ranked in the top 60 for the most citations and impact. JCL also sponsors an annual symposium that deals with a topic at the cutting edge of constitutional law.

  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (JIL)

    First printed in 1978 as the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Comparative Corporate Law and Securities Regulation,the Journal of International Law is the oldest topically focused Journal at Penn Law and widely recognized as one of the top international law Journals in the world. Our history allows us the privilege of publishing the scholarship of premier academics, government officials, and practitioners in the field. JIL has collaborated with the Institute for Law and Economics, the American Society of International Law, and the U.S. Court of International Trade. Furthermore, we are honored to maintain an extensive alumni network spanning our 32 years of existence. The Journal, formerly the Journal of International Economic Law, has broadened its focus to explore all issues at the forefront of general international law, but retains its strength as a leading journal of international business and economic law. 

  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Public Affairs
  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change (JLASC)

    We are a progressive, student-run journal and seminar that espouses an interdisciplinary scholarly approach to challenge social injustice. JLASC is unique among Penn Law Journals both in our mission and process. All journal members participate in journal decision-making by collectively reviewing, selecting and editing each piece of scholarship. Our broad mission attracts articles from a diverse range of legal scholars, practitioners and activists around the country. We embrace theory and practice, featuring interdisciplinary scholarship that has practical implications beyond the legal community. Each 3L member is responsible for leading one ten to fifteen-minute seminar session during the year, on a topic of his or her choosing, and all members are expected to actively participate in discussion of course materials.

  • University of Pennsylvania Law Review

    Founded in 1852 as the American Law Register, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review is the nation’s oldest law review. The Law Review has both a professional and an educational mission. It serves the legal profession, the bench, the bar, and the academy by providing a forum for the publication of original legal research of the highest quality. We accept and scrutinize approximately 2,000 written submissions annually to select approximately twelve articles in each volume. We also ensure uniformity in the citation of authority in legal scholarship and court documents by cooperating with our peer organizations at Columbia, Harvard, and Yale in the maintenance of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

  • West Coast Law Students Association

    The West Coast Law Students Association (WCLSA) is a hub for west coast-bound students and west coast hopefuls. We host job-related events to address the unique issues facing Penn students applying to positions on the west coast, as well as social events to foster a sense of community within the law school. Join us next year for our 1L summer jobs panel, happy hour, and more!


    Contact: Nicole Malick,

  • Women in Entrepreneurship Law Society (WELS)

    The Women in Entrepreneurship Law Society’s mission is to inspire creative thought and empower women with the skills they need to engage in women’s leadership and entrepreneurial ventures in interdisciplinary pursuits.

    Our organization is open to everyone who seeks to promote gender equality in the quest for innovation. WELS endeavors to broaden the horizons of Penn Law students to the vast possibilities that can be achieved with a law degree.

    WELS will coordinate educational events, panels, networking opportunities and symposia in an effort to inform and empower members, as well as connect Penn Law students with members of the community.”

  • Y’allsa

    Y’allsa is the Southern Affinity group at Penn Law.  Our organization brings together students from all backgrounds to celebrate the best that the South has to offer.  If you enjoy southern food, college sports, and derby parties then this organization is for you!  If you’re interested in getting involved, feel free to reach out to Y’allsa President Khari Cyrus