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Policies and Procedures

Law School Building

Law School Building

Policies topic: Emergency Evacuation Policies

Shelter in Place

The University requires security action and drills to prepare for airborne hazards or other emergencies that would require Shelter in Place. If the alarm is sounded for a Shelter in Place situation, monitors at the exits will direct all to go immediately to floors two through five in Biddle Law Library, Tanenbaum Hall. Once in Tanenbaum Hall, follow the instructions of the monitors and keep inside this space until an “all-clear” announcement is given.

Fire Safety and Regulations

Fire drills are conducted several times a year in the Law School building. Notices are posted several days in advance, announcing the date and approximate time of the drill. Students, and all Law School personnel, will evacuate the building via the nearest exit and then convene across 34th Street, opposite Silverman Hall.

Alarm System

Upon the sounding of the alarm system, all students, faculty, staff, and visitors must proceed immediately to the nearest emergency exit and follow the instructions of emergency monitors. Leave quickly any time the alarm sounds, even if it is believed to be a drill. Do not use elevators when the fire alarm system is activated.

Policies topic: Law School Building and Library Hours

Policies topic: Law School Communication


Signs may be posted in designated areas only. Material posted elsewhere (on walls, doors, windows, etc) will be removed and discarded. Exceptions may be made by the Director of Facilities. If you would like your notice posted on one of the electronic community boards, please follow these instructions.

On the Docket

Penn Carey Law has an on-line system providing the opportunity for faculty, departments, or authorized student groups to send notices of their events to the Penn Carey Law community. This is a moderated system; all postings are pre-approved by the Communications. The moderators reserve the right to reject any Notice they deem inappropriate.

The On the Docket system is available to all from the Student Commons:

Current and past notices
Info on how to submit a notice


E-mail is a primary mode of official communication at Penn Carey Law. Students are advised to check their Law School provided e-mail accounts regularly, as important information from faculty or from individual administrative departments are posted to these accounts.

Students should also consider their privacy permissions in setting directory access to these accounts. Closing your account to other Law School users may prohibit you from timely access to important messages, for example, a message from the Career Planning & Professionalism Office that you have received an additional interview slot.

Policies topic: No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy

This policy applies to ALL tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.

Philadelphia law prohibits smoking in the Law School’s building, in the Courtyard and on the roof decks, and in the outdoor areas between Gittis and Tanenbaum Halls and within 25 feet of any exterior entrances.

There are smoking stanchions located outside Golkin Hall, west of the entrance beyond the bike racks. Smokers must use the stanchions to deposit their cigarettes.

View additional information on the University of Pennsylvania’s policy regarding a tobacco-free campus can be found here.

View the University’s Human Resources Policy can be found here.

Policies topic: Security and Access

General Policy

Access to the Law School complex is limited to current students, staff, and faculty members of the University, and to those who have received special permission. All must show their University I.D. to the Security Guards when entering.

Exam Schedule

During the Law School’s reading and examination period, access to the Law School is restricted to current Law School students, faculty, and staff only.


Members of the Penn Law community are permitted to sign guests in. Guests must show ID and sign in at the Security Guards desk. Those seeking to use the Library can find additional information here.

University IDs

Students are expected to carry their University I.D.s. Security officers assigned to the building will require students to show a current student I.D. to gain entry.

Policies topic: Use of Classrooms for Study or Meetings

Procedures for Making Reservations

Biddle Law Library Study Rooms

Students seeking to reserve one of the Biddle Law Library study rooms should ask about availability at the Library Circulation Desk or access the booking tool here.

Classrooms for Study Purposes

Students seeking to reserve classrooms for study purposes should consult the Facilities Department or Registrar’s Office. Students can reserve classrooms for studying for a maximum of 4 hours per day and 16 hours per week.

Classrooms or Other Spaces for Meetings or Events

Students seeking to reserve classrooms and/or other Law School space for events must submit a request through EMS. Student Affairs event planning procedures can be found here. Additional information for staff on room requests and event planning can be found here.

Available Spaces

Students may request Law School study rooms, spaces, and classrooms for events, study, or meetings. Please remember that space at exam time is at a premium. Students using classroom space not reserved by them may be asked to leave by those holding reservations for that space.