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Overlap of Class/ Seminar/ Independent Study Papers & Law Review/ Journal Comments

Permission Required for Submission of Same or Similar Paper

Students who wish to submit the same paper for a Law School course, seminar, or independent study and for a Law Review or Journal comment must receive permission to do so from both the faculty member involved and the Editor-in-Chief of the respective publication. “Double-dipping” is a violation of generally accepted academic practice, and it is sanctionable under the Code, unless prior approval has been obtained. Once gained, such written permission must be submitted to the Registrar. If permission is granted, the student will receive only one credit for his/her work on the Law Review or Journal.

Discussion with Faculty Member and Editor-in-Chief

It is also prudent to discuss any substantial topic overlap or research overlap with the Editor-in-Chief and the faculty member, even if the papers being submitted are not substantially the same.

Procedure for Gaining Permission

Students wishing to pursue this option should obtain a sample form from the Registrar Dean of Students and prepare a similar form, have it signed by the editor in chief of the journal for which it is being submitted, and by the faculty member of the course, seminar, or independent study for which the comment is being submitted, and return the form to the Registrar’s Office.