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Student Clubs: Management & Event Planning

Town Hall Summary and Student Group Guidelines for 2018-19

All student group leaders should read the above doc. It’s the starting point.  After that, read the below.

Nuts & Bolts (e.g., reserving a room/advertising)

 Read the below docs to find out how we can support your group!

Funding Sources

  • NEW!! Unified Funding Request Form (you can apply for any of the below law school funding sources - collab funding, DSF, CP&P, etc. - all in one place!)
  • Collaboration Fund Request Form - for multiple student groups that are collaborating to put on an event. 
  • CP&P Funding Request - must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the funds are needed.
  • Dean’s Speaker Fund Request Form  (can be used to reimburse speakers for reasonable travel and hotel, publicity, and event setup fees)Must be submitted at least 4 weeks before a major conference or symposium, and 2 weeks before funds are needed for a smaller event.
  • NON- Law Source: GAPSA Funding (for events that invite multiple graduate schools - like Law AND Wharton, or Law AND Penn Dental)
  • External Fundraising Guidelines (e.g., money from law firms) - please read through the guidelines and plan accordingly (groups should seek donations 5-6 weeks before an event).  Andy Maynard and Liz Sarshik are your contacts in this office - and

  • (For any of the above revenue streams, our Business Affairs Office can DIRECT purchase items/food for you.  Per U. tax reporting protocols, students should NOT purchase items themselves and seek reimbursement.  Rather, let Business Affairs purchase items for you.  Ian Semmler in Bus. Affairs is your contact here - .)

Funding Instructions


  Planning Major (3.5+ hr) Events

  • Major event planners should read our MAJOR EVENT GUIDELINES. The guidelines tell you what to do when! For major event planners, please read this document - it includes all sorts of instructions, tips, and checklists!  What to do 5 months out, 4 months out, etc.

Additional Forms & Links (Alcohol, Graphic Design, Recording Consent Forms, etc.)

The below forms include info on admin funding, registering for an event with alcohol, and more.   

  • Alcohol at Law School Events Form (must be completed if students have an event with alcohol.  Bartenders are required for alcohol service - and Student Affairs can pay for hte bartenders.  Alcohol at student events can only be served after 4:30pm.  The event must have an educational component, too. Please see the 18-19 guidelines at the top of this page for more detailed info.) 
  • Budget Worksheet (this document gives students a basic budget template to use, which includes brackets for revenue streams, expenditures, etc. for an event.)
  • Communications Request Form (to request graphic design support, help creating a flyer, etc.) - must be done 2 weeks before the material is needed.
  • Communications Style Guide - for assistance creating student group logos
  • Obtaining CLE Accreditation
  • Recording Permission Form