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Student Group Event Planning

Student Group Event Planning

Below are the Fall 2020 guidelines for planning and hosting an event on behalf of your student organization. While the protocols and guidelines from this semester represent a departure from the past, our core message to student groups is consistent: Student Affairs is here to support all of our student clubs, whether near or far. Please reach out to us as needed - we are happy to brainstorm with you and offer counsel where we can.

Quick Links & Resources

Three Steps for Planning a Student Group Event 

Step One:
Check out the Virtual Events Best Practices Guide our Conferences and Events Team put together.

Step Two:
Once you have a general framework for your event, and when you would like to host it, fill out the appropriate form below.

General Event Proposal Form - Use this form for any virtual event you would like to host.
Petition for Singular Event Form - Use this form only if your event could involve any in-person component (which includes having food delivered or organizing for meal pickup at a restaurant). Please note, this is for rare circumstances and may require approval from the University’s Campus Health office, based on the nature of your request. Fall events in the Law School are prohibited; this includes using Law School rooms or spaces to arrange for meal pickup or drop-off.

Step Three:
Student Affairs will review your proposal and be in touch with you. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa Clerval in the meantime with any questions or concerns.