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Penn Carey Law students are not just students: they are also community leaders, dedicated public servants, and passionate individuals with rich personal and professional lives. The Law School is here to support our students through the exhilerating, unique experience that is studying law at Penn.

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Student Affairs

Student resources

Student Resources

Connect with the Student Affairs Office for support in navigating life as a law student.


Student Group Event Planning

Plan for success using these resources and information.


Student Organizations

Learn about the vibrant student community at Penn Law.


Health and Wellness

Student health and wellness is paramount. Learn about the available resources.


Continuing Duty to Report

The duty to report any character or fitness issues is continuous from the point when you apply to law school through graduation.

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Historic fundraising and engagement campaign solidifies and enhances ‘The Power of Penn Law’

“The Power of Penn Law” campaign is the Law School’s most successful fundraising and engagement effort to date.

Leeza Garber L’11 publishes book on cybersecurity hiring best practices

Garber’s book is co-authored by Scott Olson, former FBI agent, and includes interviews with Fortune 500 CSOs and CISOs and high-ranking government officials, among others.

At TIME, Prof. Kermit Roosevelt traces the evolution of MLK Jr.’s views on America through his speeches

Roosevelt maintains that King’s focus on Reconstruction should guide us forward.

At The Christian Science Monitor, Prof. Coglianese explains the potential far-reaching consequences of the SCOTUS decision that strikes down OSHA’s vaccine mandate

Coglianese predicts the Court will continue to “be suspicious of grand exercises of regulatory authority by federal agencies.”

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Law Firm Networking 101

An integral part of pre-OCI preparation is learning about the law firms who will be participating. There will be many opportunities throughout the spring semester for you to network with different firms, either at events hosted for Penn Law students exclusively or virtual programs hosted for a broader audience of law students. 

Wondering how to decide which law firm events to attend? Need advice on what is appropriate to ask or how to follow up afterwards?

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

The Institute for Law & Philosophy

Please join us as we kick off an exciting spring series of distinguished speakers! We start with Professor Deborah Hellman from UVA Law via Zoom. 

This event will be a pre-read event and the paper will be sent upon registration! 

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Law Review Early Semester Retreat

TBD, open to Law Review Editors only

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Internet Law (Yoo) makeup class