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State Bar Info

The Bar Exam

An Overview

During law school, a student evolves from educational consumer to legal professional. An important part of this transition is taking ownership of the professional obligations inherent in becoming and remaining a licensed attorney.

In order to obtain a license to practice law, law graduates must apply for bar admission in the state(s) where they wish to practice. The bar exam is offered twice a year in most jurisdictions, in July and in February. It is important that you:

(1) research and understand the unique licensure requirements of the jurisdiction,

(2) thoroughly review and complete all necessary forms in compliance with any applicable deadlines;  the Law School’s Registrar’s Office can help complete your Dean’s Certification and other forms,

(3) communicate directly with the state board of bar examiners to resolve any questions related to the bar examination, licensing, and continuing legal education (“CLE”) requirements,

(4) register and sit for the MPRE and state bar examination. Rules vary dramatically from state to state, and you should carefully review the requirements of the state bar examiners where you plan to sit for the bar (links to the MPRE and state board of bar examiners’ sites are below).

(5) satisfy the jurisdiction’s Character and Fitness qualifications for admission. Each jurisdiction’s bar admissions process contains a character and fitness review, which will require full disclosure of past conduct relevant to one’s fitness to practice law. Should you have any questions about the character and fitness portion of the application process, please contact the Dean of Students, Felicia Lin, at