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Law Courses for Penn Students & Staff

Penn Students & Staff

Penn Students and Staff 

The Law School welcomes Penn students enrolled in professional and graduate programs, upper-class undergraduates, faculty, and staff to take Master in Law classes. Master in Law degree candidates and Penn students can request enrollment in upper-level JD classes at the Law School.

We appreciate the voices of those with varied backgrounds in the Law School classrooms. Whether you are interested in exploring the future possibility of law school or in complementing your career or studies in another discipline, we are certain you will find the Law School’s courses and programs of study that interest you and meet your needs.

Penn graduate students, Penn faculty and Penn staff — consider enrolling in the Master in Law degree from the Law School, providing a strong signal that you possess expertise in the legal issues that intersect with your professional field and academic interests.

Students in any of Penn’s graduate or professional schools who wish to incorporate a legal perspective into their programs of study are invited to pursue a Certificate in the Study of Law.

First-year required JD courses, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Practice Skills, and Torts are reserved for the first-year JD cohort only.

Master in Law Courses

Upper Level JD Courses

Tuition and Fees for 2022-2023

Master in Law Degree Candidates  and Penn Faculty/Staff
(per 1 CU / 3 law semester hours)

Tuition: $7,533.00 

General Fee: $457.00 

Learning Support Fee: $140.00

Penn Graduate Students

Tuition is based on your home school’s tuition policies for courses taken outside of your program.

Further Information

For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the Financial Information page.

More About Our Programs


The Law School is conveniently located at 3501 Sansom Street between 34th and 36th Streets, a short walk from all University departments.

Hour System

Currently, the Law School’s curriculum is based on a semester hour system, where 3 semester hours (SH) are equivalent to 1 CU.

Other Programs

For a closer look at the Law School’s many other education programs, including Continuing Legal Education for practicing attorneys, see our section on Legal Education Programs.

For additional enrollment and course information, contact the Law Registrar’s Office: