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Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Exams

Fall exams: Monday, 12/11 through Wednesday, 12/20
Spring exams: Tuesday, 4/29 through Wednesday, 5/8

Fall 2023 Exam Schedule (.pdf)

Fall 2023 Exam Details (.xls) - updated regularly

For Fall:  We anticipate that 1L fall grades will be released beginning Wednesday, January 24, 2024.  If you need a letter from the Law School certifying this date, please find the letter here:  
Penn Carey Law Fall First-Year Grade Release

Spring 2024 Exam Schedule (.pdf) 

Spring Exam Details (.xls) 

For Spring:  Grades are posted as they are received by the Registrar.  Grades for graduating students are due Monday, May 13.  All work must be completed, and grades must be submitted by this deadline. Grades for first-year students are due are June 3 and for all other students, grades are due June 5.

Past Exams and Model Answers (LawKey required)