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Enrollment Procedure for Externships

The Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies offers a small number of seven- or four-credit externship opportunities at leading governmental entities or non-profit organizations. Externships are open to second- and third-year JD students, and third-year students are given enrollment priority through Advance Registration.

Seven-credit externships require a minimum of 21 hours a week of supervised work at the externship site, and four-credit externships require a minimum of 12 hours a week. As an externship student, you are encouraged to maintain maximum time flexibility so you can participate in the full range of placement activities. You are also required to attend biweekly meetings with a member of the clinical faculty. Externships will be graded credit/fail. 

Please note that the externship placement agency and the clinical faculty reserve the right to screen and reject pre-registered students whose prior academic record, class schedule, concerns raised during an externship the student was enrolled in previously, or lack of responsiveness suggests difficulties with successful participation in an externship.

Ad Hoc Externships


In addition to the externships that have been pre-arranged by the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies, it is possible for you to seek faculty approval to create an individualized ad hoc externship for academic credit.

Ad hoc externships should provide you with an experiential learning opportunity to capitalize on your strong interest in a specific subject area that does not have an experiential offering in the current curriculum.


Your ad hoc externship includes a structured academic course for four or seven credits requiring appropriate placement site supervision and faculty supervision, journaling requirements, and biweekly meetings with a faculty supervisor, in addition to all placement site responsibilities.

Application & Deadlines

There are very strict deadlines for receipt of ad hoc externship proposals. If you are looking to participate in an ad hoc externship please consult the Externships website, for detailed information regarding application forms and deadlines.