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Class Cancellations

On occasion, severe inclement weather has forced the closing of the University. For information as to whether the University is officially closed due to poor weather conditions, please call the University’s “MELT” LINE (215.898.6358), or you can also access the University’s home page.

If the University is officially closed, then Law School classes will not meet.

If the University is open the Law School is open. Faculty do have the option of cancelling class. If faculty are not able to hold class, we ask that faculty either send a notice of cancellation email directly to the class (using the course portal email feature), copying Registrar’s Office; or e-mail, preferrably before 7:30 a.m, and the Registrar’s Office will then notify the students of the cancellation by e-mail.

The Law School Registrar’s Office will open (barring extremely hazardous conditions) at 9:00 a.m.