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Public Interest

Public Interest at Penn Law

Thanks to the historic generosity of two distinguished Penn graduates, Robert Toll L’66 and Jane Toll GSE’66, the Law School is home to a remarkable roster of public interest scholarships and programs. Committed to offering service-minded students the most comprehensive system of support in the country, the Law School continues to grow its already thriving public interest community.

An Unwavering Commitment to Service

TPIC oversees the Toll Public Service Corps, which houses the Toll Public Interest Scholars & Fellows Programs. The Service Corps offers tailored programming for Toll Scholars & Fellows and administers the associated scholarships.

Additionally, TPIC designs and delivers the Public Interest Experience (PIE).  All Penn Carey Law students who are passionate about public interest may apply to join the Public Interest Experience each fall semester. PIE members, called Public Interest Ambassadors, take part in tailored programs that connect them to like-minded peers, public interest faculty, alumni, and practitioners while building skills and providing guidance about the law school experience.

The Service Corps and PIE embody Penn Carey Law’s unwavering commitment to service.

Meet Some of Our Current Public Interest Ambassadors

Michael Asparrin L’24


Christina Bartzokis L’24


Andrew Bookbinder L’24


Carolina Brandāo LLM


Madeline Bruning L’24


Yu-Po (Paul) Chang LLM


Nathaniel Edelheit-Rice L’24


Mengjiao (Maggie) Fang LLM


Charlie Ferguson L’24


Sarah Gordon L’24


Yaried Hailu L’24


Kirsten Hanlon L’24


Laura Hannon L’24


Aleyah Hassan L’24


Holly Jones L’24


Abigail Kasdin L’24


Julia Kerbs L’24


Zhixing Liu LLM


Julian Lutz L’24


Juan Pablo Madrigal L’24


Daniel McKaveney LLM


Meagan Murray L’24


Allison Nasson L’24


Ava Obrecht L’24


Sheila Orfano L’24


Chiara Padilla L’24


Vyom Pankaj LLM


Ty Parks L’24


Shayna Roble L’24


Elizabeth Shackney L’24


Jared Silberglied L’24


Joe Stuever L’24


Devontae Torriente L’24


Pei-Chun (Peggy) Tsai LLM


Alexandra Walsh L’24


Mikaela Wolf-Sorkin L’24


Ruoyand Xu LLM


Explore Public Service at the Law School

Scholars Program

The Scholars Program increases substantive programming and financial support for students pursuing public interest careers.

Explore the

Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is designed to create the next generation of empathy-driven advocacy, activism, and service.

Explore the

Public Service Experience

Members take part in programs that connect them to like-minded peers, public interest faculty, alumni, and practitioners.

Explore PIE