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Recording Pro Bono Hours Online

Using our new electronic tracking system, Replicon, all students can submit their hours and check their total online. Hours will be approved via the online system as well. If you have questions about Replicon, e-mail Please do not contact Replicon support directly.

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Logging in for the First Time How to Submit Your Hours
How to Check Your Hours Total Replicon FAQs

Logging in for the First Time

1. Go to the Replicon home page. You will need to set your password. To do so, enter “PennLaw” in the Company field. Then click “Next.”



2. On the next page, click “Forgot your Password or User Name?” below the Password field.



3. On the Password Reset page, enter your Law School email address in the Email field. Use the email address you have listed in the Penn Carey Law directory. You will receive an email from Replicon Support with a link to reset your password.



4. Create a new password that is different from your LawKey and PennKey passwords (this must contain a number). DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD AS YOUR LAWKEY AND PENNKEY. You will receive a second email confirming that your Password Reset was successful.

5. When you return to the login screen, be sure to enter “PennLaw” in the Company field and your PennID in the User Name field.





How to Submit Your Hours

1. Log in to Replicon. Enter “PennLaw” in the Company field, your Lawkey/Pennkey username, and your Replicon password. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to set your password by following the instructions in “Logging in for the First Time.”

2. You will be taken to the current month’s timesheet. If you need to enter hours for a different month, use the arrows next to the month at the top of the page to toggle. Please note that all hours you submitted prior to June 30, 2015 have been added to your record in the month of June 2015.


3. Select the project you volunteered with from the drop down under “Program-Project-Task.” Under “Activity” select Pro Bono Work or Pro Bono Training to indicate if your hours were for work or training.

4. Enter your hours in the box of the date on which you performed them. When you are done, scroll all the way to the right and click “Save.”

5. At the end of each month after you have entered all of your hours, you will click “Submit.” Once you submit your hours, you will not be able to make additional changes. If you submitted your timesheet already and need to make changes, please contact TPIC to unlock your timesheet.

How to Check Your Hours Total

1. Log in to Replicon.

2. At the top, right hand corner of the page click on “Reports.”

3. In the first column of the table under Report Name, click on the hyperlinked “Student TPIC Hours”.

4. On this page, click the blue button entitled “Run Report”. You do not need to select any users or filters.

5. You will see the total hours you’ve done for each project, as well as the comprehensive number of hours you’ve done in your time at Penn Law.

Replicon FAQs