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Pro Bono Project Announcements

CASAC Student Leaders at the 2014 Pro Bono Sign Up FairCASAC Student Leaders at the 2014 Pro Bono Sign Up FairThe Toll Public Interest Center congratulates the following students on their selection as Pro Bono Project Leaders for the 2014-2015 academic year:


Animal Law Project

Callie Kim, Co-Director

Rhea Ghosh, Co-Director

Elizabeth Olsen, Pro Bono Coordinator

Peter Hillegas, Finance & Events Chair


Civil Rights Law Project

Maria da Silva, Executive Director

Jessa DeGroote, Internship Director

Noelle Yasso, Communications and Outreach Director

Rick Mula, Research Director

Siri Carlson, Research Editor

Chris Jesu Lee, Research Editor

Adam Mendel, Research Editor


Criminal Record Expungement Project (C-REP)

Chesley Burruss, Co-Director

Kevin Hoagland-Hanson, Co-Director

Colin McGrath, Litigation Coordinator

Noelle Yasso, Policy/Outreach Coordinator

Alicia Zhang, Intake Coordinator

Matthew Hiltibran, Case Manager

Tamara Freilich, Pardon Me Clinic Coordinator


Custody and Support Assistance Clinic (CASAC)

Margaret Zhang, Executive Director

Caroline Buck, Co-Program Director

Katie Schulman, Co-Program Director

Natalie Feigenbaum, Development Director

Andrew Dean, Resource Director

Arielle Herzberg, Training and Recruitment Director


Employment Advocacy Project

Katrina Cohen, Co-Director

Josh Kahane, Co-Director

Adam Cella, Intake Coordinator

Hannah Ehrenberg, Intake Coordinator

Jon Kaplan, Intake Coordinator

Max Weiss, Outreach Coordinator


Environmental Law Project

Marie Logan, Chair

Sean McGrath, Vice Chair

Sonya Shea, Senior Director of Research Projects

Jessica Bassett, Co-Director of Regulatory Projects

Daniel Atlas, Co-Director of Regulatory Projects


Financial Literacy Project

Drake Glesmann, Executive Director

Grant Griffith, Co-Director of VITA

Sennett Rockers, Co-Director of VITA

David Block, Co-Director of Community Financial Literacy Project

Jennifer Wang, Co-Director of Community Financial Literacy Project


Guild Food Stamp Clinic

Katy Akopjan, Co-Director

Danny Nuzzaci, Co-Director


Health Law and Policy Project

Sherry Shen, Managing Director

Heather Alleva, CHOP PolicyLab Partnership Director

Rajvi Patel, Service Link & PA Health Law Project Partnership Director

Dori Molozanov, Know Your Rights Partnership Director

Hyungjoo Han, Short-Term Projects + Expansion Director


International Human Rights Advocates

Pinky Mehta, Director

Natasha Arnpriester, Project Manager

Aaron Jordan, Project Manager

Benjamin Johnson, Spring Break Coordinator


Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project

Chelsea Fish, Co-Director

James Hopkins, Co-Director

Pinky Mehta, Legal Director

Ryan Streit, Policy and Advocacy Director

Caleb Wimble, Case Manager

Elizabeth Webb, Case Manager

Nina Shaw, Case Manager


James Wilson Project

Rachel Shack, Executive Director

Kayla Morrow, Academic Director

Steph Albano, Tournament Director

Barron Flood, Teaching Director

Nicole Foster, Teaching Director

Mike Keblesh, Teaching Director

Charlie Wittmann-Todd, Teaching Director

Adam Cella, Coaching Director


Legal Education Partnership

Edwin Howell, Executive Director

Saam Alikhani, High School Liaison

Michael Howald, TPIC Liaison


Penn Housing Rights Project

George Donnelly, Co-Director

Davy Huang, Co-Director

Kristin Teager, Co-Director

Tanya Xu, Co-Director


Penn Law Advocates for the Homeless

Zizi Petkova, Director

Gabrielle Antonello, Clinic Coordinator

Lauren Castillo, Outreach Coordinator


Penn Law Immigrant Rights Project

Nickolas Bogdanovich, Co-Director

Whitney Viets, Co-Director

Courtney Brown, Casework Coordinator

Tony Keffler, Casework Coordinator

Katie Strike, Research Coordinator


Penn Law for Reproductive Justice (Penn LSRJ)

Maria Cardi, Managing Co-Chair (Student Outreach)

Sarah Morrissey, Managing Co-Chair (Pro Bono Projects)

Karen Wiswall, Research Director

Andrew Cherry, Research Coordinator

Kelly Tomlin, Direct Service Director

Katherine Chu, Direct Service Coordinator

Amanda Webb, Resource and Development Coordinator

Russell Hoffman, Events Coordinator


Prisoners’ Education and Advocacy Project

Nathan Emmons, Prison Relations Coordinator

Rhea Ghosh, Curriculum and Teaching Coordinator

Kaitlin Keller, Membership and Events Coordinator

Britney Wilson, Innocence Project Coordinator


Servicemembers and Veterans Legal Assistance Project

Brooke Schachner, Co-Director

Jon Todd, Co-Director

Stephen Iacovo


Street Law

Allante Keels, Co-Director

Lindsey Zionts, Co-Director


Students Against Gender-Based Exploitation (SAGE)

Alyssa Anzalone-Newman, Director

Juliana Stiles, DVAP Program Coordinator

Deepa Vanamali, AEquitas Program Coordinator


Women’s Legal Assistance Project

Yosha Gunasekera, Executive Director

Tamara Freilich, Program Director

Brandi Lupo, Development Director


Youth Courts

Ashley Super, Director


The leaders of LEARN, the Urban Ventures Project and BLSA’s Project PEACE will be announced in the coming days.