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Doing Pro Bono at Penn

For Law School students, pro bono opportunities are limitless. Students can participate in more than 30 pro bono projects (internal opportunities) or partner with non-profit or government agencies for pro bono internships (external opportunities). Students may also earn pro bono hours through clinics and externships if they do a formal credit exchange.  

TPIC Pro Bono Projects

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Student projects form the core of the Law School’s pro bono experience by offering unique leadership and practical opportunities while helping under-served populations. 

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TPIC Pro Bono Sign-Up Fair Videos

Skills Inventory

Taking a proactive and strategic approach to pro bono can offer students valuable opportunities to develop practical lawyering skills, to explore different areas of law, and to serve underrepresented causes and communities. The Skills Inventory page will allow you select pro bono opportunities through the lens of skills exploration.

Skills Inventory

Pro Bono Service for LLM Students

As integral parts of the LLM program, public service and pro bono provide students with important opportunities to develop their professional skills while learning more about the communities that exist beyond the walls of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

Though not a graduation requirement, LLMs are welcome and encouraged to take part in Law School approved pro bono work.

Eligible Hours

LLM and JD pro bono have the same guidelines. For more information please look here. Students can log their hours using the Law School’s online tracking system, Replicon.


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