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Public Service News

Keshara Senanayake L'23

Award-Winning Student Leadership

Penn has recognized Keshara Senanayake L’23 with a Graduate Student Leadership Award for his work crafting a long-term solution to unpaid and underpaid internships.

Staunch Commitment to Service

Penn Carey Law recognizes and applauds the Class of 2023’s pro bono efforts.

Lessons on Diplomacy

After spending a semester studying women’s international human rights, Penn Carey Law students visited the UN Headquarters in New York.

Prison Legal Education Project

By bringing legal education to prisons, the Prison Legal Education Project supports incarcerated individuals to lead their own successful legal advocacy.

2023 Alumni Impact Award Winner

The Honorable Benjamin Lerner L’65 is the recipient of the Toll Public Interest Center’s 2023 Alumni Impact Award. 

‘Where Is the Outrage?’

The Future of the Profession Initiative’s Jim Sandman L’76 recently discussed strategies to close the civil justice gap.

Pennsylvania State Government Leadership

Three Penn Carey Law alumni have accepted high-level leadership roles in Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s administration.

An Ethos of Service

Penn Carey Law has a long history of teaching students how to incorporate service into legal work.