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Past Auctions

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Here are just a few of the items included in some of EJF’s past auctions:

Florida Beach House One Week Getaway in Cape Canaveral

Weekend in the Poconos!

Colorado Weekend Getaway!

Two Tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra

Two Tickets to the Metropolitan Opera

Private Tour: The Phillips Collection (Washington D.C.) with the Curator

Amazing seats to see the Flyers, Phillies, and Sixers, and more!

Gift certificates to DOZENS of local Philadelphia restaurants, bars, salons, boutiques and gyms.

Create Your Personal Sidebar Cafe Sandwich

Naming Rights for Next Year’s 1L Open Memo Assignment

Dine with the Deansn

Meet and Greet with Mayor Nutter (two people)

BARBRI Bar Review Tuition Certificates

Two Passes to a taping of The Colbert Report

Pizza and Beer at Prof. Rudovsky’s house

Prof. Bibas’s famous Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Dinner for four at the Four Seasons with Professor Wachter

Steak and Potatoes with Teddy Roosevelt (a.k.a. Dean Clinton)

Rock Band 2 Jam Session with Professor Abrams

Karaoke Night with Penn Carey Law staff (incl. Bayrex Marti & Kathleen Overly, Heather Frattone, and Dean Post)

And Much Much More!