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Current Pro Bono Projects


Clinical Escorting: Penn LSRJ members escort women to and from health clinics in Philadelphia to shield them from protestors and to watch out for Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act violations.  

Judicial Bypass Program: Penn LSRJ members counsel women under the age of 18 about their right to petition the court for a judicial bypass in order to access abortion services. This right enables young women who cannot safely obtain parental consent in a timely fashion to make choices about their future and reproductive health.  We answer questions, assist them with their petitions, and connect them with legal representation and a court date. 


Penn LSRJ works closely with the Women’s Law Project to conduct research on a wide range of reproductive justice and access issues in Pennsylvania. In 2013, Penn LSRJ revised a briefing booklet that will help legislators understand abortion in Pennsylvania. In 2012, Penn LSRJ wrote a comprehensive memorandum on H.B. 1077, a bill intended to make ultrasounds mandatory for abortions in Pennsylvania. Penn LSRJ also monitors cases going forward in other jurisdictions to analyze their potential effect in Pennsylvania.

Penn LSRJ has also assisted in many confidential research projects for pending and current cases in Pennsylvania on broader issues of access and choice.