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International Careers


The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s global engagement creates opportunities to work abroad, while in law school and after graduation. Our international programs lead to careers in an expanding universe of practice areas, both public and private — from working in a domestic law firm with international clients to doing human rights work in Africa.


Getting Started

International Law is always of popular interest among students, which is not surprising as it offers some of the most exciting and fulfilling opportunities in law. However it covers a very wide range of practices - from working in a domestic law firm with international clients to doing human rights work in Africa. The International Law OCS site provides a broad overview designed to help you understand the major areas of international practice, as well as ideas about how to prepare for careers in the respective practice areas. It is divided into Public International Law and Private International Law as well as Research Resources. OCS cannot give you a defined list of all international employers - the universe of international opportunities is simply too big and varied. However, the links to resources will get you started. After some research, you will begin to focus your search based on your interests and skills. It is through this process of exploration that you will discover what you are really interested in and which opportunities best match your skills and talents.

A Note on International Law

This practice area covers a very wide range of practices - take the time to review the resources available on this web site before you talk to professors and employers. You will be taken much more seriously by a professor if you have already done some homework and can ask specific questions related to that professor’s area of expertise. Similarly, an employer is not likely to consider you as a viable candidate if you do not appear informed about that employer’s international practice.

Professor William Burke-White – an inspiring introduction to careers in international law.

We support our students and graduates in three key ways:

  • CP&P has a full-time counselor dedicated to supporting students who seek international private or public employment.
  • CP&P offers programs and career counseling dedicated to the international sector job search.
  • We provide dedicated and intensive fellowship application support. CP&P collaborates with the Office of International Affairs to maximize opportunities to engage in private and public sector practice during law school.

We offer various programs to students who are considering pursing international opportunities for a summer or as a career:

  • The Global Justice Fellowship (GJF) each summer, GLF supports J.D. students to work in non-governmental organizations, organs of the United Nations, regional inter-governmental bodies, and government offices involved directly in the provision of human rights services.
  • Global Legal Practice Fellowship (GLPF) each summer, GLPF places students in fellowship positions at local law firms around the world, giving students cross-cultural experience and a better understanding of foreign legal practice.


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