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Student Groups

Support For Your Career Events

In order to facilitate innovative student group programming that focuses on timely career related issues of interest, CP&P will provide funding on an annual basis to selected student groups.


To request a portion of these funds to support a student group career event:

  1. Please complete the Student Event Funding Request Form and indicate your request for CP&P funds. Note, to be considered for funding, this form must be completed and submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to your event date; AND
  2. Submit your “Room Confirmation” e-mail from Kathleen Sinnot in Facilities for this event, in person or by e-mail to the Career Planning Office at at least two weeks prior to your event.

Please note that OCS will not fund any programs taking place on Mondays at noon, as that time is reserved for faculty/administrative programming.

How and when should I respond to this email

Attendance Guidelines for Law firm events