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Getting Started with Private Sector Recruiting


Symplicity is the cloud-based software OCS you will use for a variety of career purposes, from scheduling advising appointments, to applying for jobs, and participating in recruiting events. Because it’s such a crucial piece of tech, OCS recommends bookmarking it.

Connect with Private Sector Counselors 

Recruiting Policies

Application Materials

You can find all relevant information about applying to jobs on our LLM Career page.

See our career planning advice


Private Sector OCI & Job Search

Private Sector OCI

Stay on track as you prepare for OCI with our OCI Roadmap Checklist (PDF).

Private Sector Regional Interview Program

The Regional Interview Program is a recruiting program designed for students seeking private sector positions in geographical markets outside of the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area. The July 2021 Regional Interview Program will take place virtually from Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30, 2021.

Private Sector Diversity Fellowship Program

Diversity Fellowship programs provide first and second-year law students the opportunity to spend their summer working at a law firm or corporate in-house legal department. Each application process is unique, so please read application instructions carefully, and contact us with any questions. In addition to using the resources below, please also regularly check Symplicity and search diversity for any new diversity fellowship opportunities.

 Post OCI Job Search Guide

Each year there are students who find their 2L summer job “outside” of OCI. If at the end of OCI week you have received no or few callback interviews, we recommend that you start thinking about next steps. You may still hear good news from an employer that you are interested in, but you should not waste valuable time before taking action.

Private Sector Networking

Expanding your professional network can help you learn more about practice areas, find out about employment opportunities, and find someone who may act as a liaison or mentor.

 Private Sector Recruiting FAQ