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LLM Career Planning

Find all the resources you need for your job search. 


LLM Resumes and Cover Letters

Professional resumes and cover letters are vital for a successful job search process both as a LLM student and beyond. The purpose of these pages is to help you to begin to think about the content and presentation of your resume.


 Cover Letters

LLM References, Writing Samples & Transcripts

Resources for Locating Potential Employers

Law Firms and LLMs

In-House Positions

Public Service, Government, and Clerkship Opportunities

Non-Legal Careers

There are many ways that legal training can lead to employment, and a creative approach to this process may develop into real opportunities. Employers outside the practice of law often find that employees with legal training bring value to their organizations. Assuming your visa requirements allow you to do so, you may want to pursue opportunities in fields outside of traditional law practice as well. In fact, working outside the traditional practice of law expands your opportunities to work within the U.S. exponentially as you are not limited to working in one of the few states that allow LLMs to take the bar exam. There are links to various resources on alternative careers at the  Alternative Job Search page.

Financial/Corporate Oriented Positions

Other Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Academic Careers

LLM Networking

An Introduction to Interviewing

LLM-specific Interview Questions

In addition, interviewers will often ask you to speak directly about your personal strengths and accomplishments. Provide concise, direct answers that highlight your strengths. Employers in the U.S. are not impressed by modest, self-effacing behavior which might be expected in some other cultures. However, general boasting is not advisable. Instead, provide specific examples that illustrate your talents. Interviewers might also ask about your weaknesses or limitations. The best response to this tricky question is to describe an area where your lack of a skill or characteristic posed a challenge and what you did to rise to the occasion. No one is perfect, but employers value the ability to learn from mistakes and overcome obstacles. 

Thank You Letters

See the Resumes, Cover Letters, and Supporting Materials section for information on when and how to send a thank-you note after an interview. A sample thank you letter (or email) is included in the Sample Resume, Letters, and List of References section.

Checklist for Personal Conduct at the Interview

Your behavior and appearance during the interview are very important. The interviewer will form an impression of you which will influence his or her evaluation of you as a potential employee. The below information reflects what U.S. interviewers expect.

OCS Interviewing Resources