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Welcome 1Ls

This is your first stop for all things career-related. We are the Office of Career Strategy (OCS) and we are (virtually) open and committed to providing support as you plan your careers and search for jobs!


University of Pennsylvania Law School 1L Networking: Get to Know Law Firms

Throughout March and April, OCS is offering private sector law firms the unique opportunity to network exclusively with our 1L Penn Carey Law students. This is a great way to (virtually) connect with a firm in smaller groups from your class. Please do not miss this important step in your OCI-prep.  

Visit our Bulletin Board for a complete list of participating firms, dates, and RSVP info. — and click here for more information about why it is important to attend these events.

Making the Most of Your 1L Summer

If you missed our recent webinar on Making the Most of Your 1L Summer, check out this flyer for helpful hints, or look through our presentation for more details.


The Basics


Where to Look For 1L Summer Jobs