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Judge Spreadsheets

The following two spreadsheets collect information obtained through calls and emails to chambers in spring 2021. Please note that the spreadsheets do not collect information on whether the judge is or is not following the hiring plan; many judges do follow the plan, which is set out here. For judges with postings on OSCAR, the description in the OSCAR posting may provide that information. 

 Additional Resources

The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary

This resource contains biographical information on all federal judges including a media and lawyers’ comments section. 

  1. Click on view eBook
  2. Search by judge name

Westlaw Profiler

The WestlawNext Profiler - Profiles of Attorneys & Judges allows you to search by a number of fields including Affiliations. If you’re looking for a judge with a background of interest to you, i.e. the Federalist Society, ACLU, this is a good resource.

Bloomberg Law

In Bloomberg Law, go to Litigation & Dockets, Litigation Analytics, Judge to learn information on a judge’s docket.


Lexis: Context (click on waffle icon in upper left):

Search by judge name:

  1. Overview – biographical information and breakdown of opinions by legal issues
  2. Analytics – detailed information on rulings, citation patterns and links to opinions
  3. Documents – access to cases, dockets, documents and news

Lexis: Litigation Analytics (access at on left sidebar from landing page):

  1. Breakdown of judge’s cases
  2. Compare courts and judges

Lexis: Lex Machina - Courts and Judges (click on waffle icon in upper left):

  1. Breakdown of court dockets legal issues
  2. Breakdown of judges’ current cases by legal issues

Lexis: Courtlink (click on waffle icon in upper left)

  1. View current dockets/matters by judge
  2. Create strategic files on judges to view breakdown of cases by practice area

Patent Pilot Program

Under the Patent Pilot Program, the following districts have established special rules for handling patent cases and assigned specific judges to handle them: EDNY, SDNY, WDPA, DNJ, DMD, NDIL, DNV, EDTX, NDTX, WDTN, CDCA, NDCA, SDCA. For a list of judges who have been assigned under this program click here .  

Patent Pilot Program:  Five-Year Report

Other districts which handle a good number of patent cases which are not part of this program are: DDE, EDVA, and WDWI.