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Pathways to the Profession

There are many routes to a successful career in law.

Explore some of the incredible work Penn Carey Law students achieve during their internship, externship, and fellowship experiences.


headshot of Olivia Rosenzweig

International Law at the Department of Justice

As an extern with the Department of Justice, Olivia Rosenzweig L’23 worked on projects in the Office of Foreign Litigation and the Office of International Judicial Assistance.

Mostafa el-Harazi L'23

Bringing Human Rights Abusers to Justice

Mostafa El-Harazi L’23 leveraged his international law experience as an extern with Center for Justice and Accountability in co-founding the International Law Society at Penn.

Seeking Justice for Students in Idaho

As a Catalyst Fellow, Erica Rodarte L’22 launched an investigation of two Idaho school districts on behalf of Latine students.

Sarah Perlman L'22

Consumer Law & Elder Justice

At Greater Boston Legal Services, Sarah Perlman L’22 worked to ensure older adults retained access to financial resources and legal services supporting their economic independence.


Transforming the Parole Process

A fierce advocate for people impacted by incarceration, Sadye Stern L’22 worked on parole justice with Amistad Law Project.

Natine Macauley L'25

In-House Legal Experience

A Sadie Scholar with an interest in intellectual property law, Natine Macauley L’25 gained essential in-house experience working at the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Sheridan Macy L'24

Climate Law & Human Rights

Sheridan Macy L’24 shares her experience working at the intersections of environmental law and human rights.

Camilla Samuelsson L'25

Advocating for Immigrants

Interning with the Legal Aid Society’s immigration law unit gave Camilla Samuelsson L’25 hands-on experience representing clients in deportation proceedings.

Exploring Global Career Paths

Splitting his summer across 3 internships, David Alan Johnson L’25 accrued legal experience in both the public and private sectors.

Protecting Consumer Rights

At Greater Boston Legal Services, Rae Fanella L’25 flexed their lawyering skills representing clients in court while working in the Consumer Rights Unit.

Jalen Starks L'25

Immersing in Global Transactions

At Freshfields’ New York office, Jalen Starks L’25 worked on international M&A matters.

Tackling Education Law in Philadelphia

A passionate advocate, Juliana Poroye L’25, MSEd’25 engaged in hands-on litigation work at Stevens & Lee’s Philadelphia office.