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Students attending class, Psychology of Legal Decision-Making in a Silverman classroom.

Psychology of Legal Decision-Making 

In the “Psychology of Legal Decision-Making” seminar, students learn about substantive areas of legal scholarship and also practice essential skills for understanding—and even developing—new empirical research.

Fair Leases in Philadelphia 

Prof. David Hoffman and a team of Penn Carey Law students created a pathbreaking model lease for Philadelphia that is fair, legal, and free.

Exploring ESG 

In Prof. Lisa M. Fairfax’s trailblazing course, students unpack the history of the ESG movement—and prepare to chart its future.

Business Intimidation in the Rulemaking Process 

In a new study, Prof. Cary Coglianese and co-author demonstrate the power of businesses to exert substantial influence over agency rulemaking.

Privacy & Racial Justice 

In an article published in the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, Melany Amarikwa L’24 explores the harms perpetuated by TikTok’s unique use of recommendation algorithms.

ADA Testers & Article III Standing 

In an amicus brief, Prof. Jasmine E. Harris and other leading disability law scholars explain why civil rights testers are essential to the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The 2024 Presidential Ballot and the 14th Amendment 

“Hand your republic over to the enemies of democracy, and it could take a hundred years to get it back,” writes Prof. Kermit Roosevelt at the Los Angeles Times.

Protecting Children’s Data 

At The Regulatory Review, Caroline Hackley L’24 examines the limitations of COPPA, the only federal law regulating the collection of children’s data via the internet.

Employee Disability Disclosures 

OCS Associate Dean and Executive Director Maureen Reilly provides advice for employers to make the employee disability disclosure process more effective.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Regulation 

Prof. Christopher S. Yoo and Bethany Lee L’22 advocate FDA regulatory action to better address cybersecurity risks of medical devices such as pacemakers.

The Promising Use of AI Models in Contract Interpretation 

In “Generative Interpretation,”Prof. David Hoffman shows how large language models (LLMs) provide a better method of contract interpretation, with some caveats.

Digital abstract art of human profile

Addressing Bias in AI 

In “Policy Lab: AI and Implicit Bias,” students propose solutions to address intersectional bias in generative AI.

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November 8, 2023

Nonprofit Board Fellowship Application

Wonder what it’s like to be a nonprofit board member? Curious about nonprofit governance? Want to develop your leadership skills in a high impact setting? The NBF program matches second year Wharton MBA and Penn Carey Law students with the boards of local nonprofits, where they serve as visiting board members. Upon selection, fellows enter into an experiential learning environment that combines nonprofit service with personal development and membership in a community of like-minded peers. Applications are due December 12th, follow this link to apply.  If you have any questions we are also hosting a Q&A Zoom call on November 28th at 7 pm. RSVP here.

December 4, 2023

ILE Lunch & Learn Series: Mark Lebovitch

ILE is offering a lunch and learn series that highlights prominent lawyers in the business field, with a particular emphasis on exposing students and the Penn community to a diverse range of careers and cutting edge topics in business and business law.

December 4, 2023

Dechert Pop-Up

Stop by the Clock to meet with Dechert with goodies!