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Paul Robinson

‘Stop Decriminalising Crime’ 

“When a gap opens between what the law punishes and what society believes should be punished, people lose respect for the law and are more likely to violate it,” writes Prof. Paul H. Robinson and Jeffrey Seaman L’27.

Kate Shaw

‘The Supreme Court Creates a Lawless Presidency’ 

At The New York Times, Prof. Kate Shaw writes that none of the Supreme Court’s precedents supports the Trump immunity decision.

Jasmine Harris and Laura Hannon

‘Weaponizing Fitness to Serve Is Undermining Our Democracy’ 

At The Hill, Prof. Jasmine Harris and Laura Hannon SP2’23, L’24 write that “some politicians find success in being transparent about disability, but it requires diligence and defense.”

Anita Allen

Distinguished Lecture on Jurisprudence 

Prof. Anita L. Allen will deliver the 2024 HLA Hart Memorial Lecture at the University of Oxford.

Paul Heaton

Significant Public Defender Shortage 

The Quattrone Center’s Prof. Paul Heaton has found that statewide, public defenders are experiencing a substantial personnel shortfall. 

Claire Finkelstein

Amicus Urges Supreme Court to Reject Trump’s Immunity Claims 

Prof. Claire Finkelstein, along with 14 national security and military experts, has filed an amicus brief in Trump v. United States.

Christopher Yoo

Generative AI’s Potential Impact on Online Competition 

Prof. Christopher S. Yoo writes that GenAI “has the potential to become one of the most transformative developments in the history of technology.”

Report of the Philadelphia Event Review Team on The Wrongful Conviction of Marshall Hale

Report of the Philadelphia Event Review Team on the Wrongful Conviction of Marshall Hale 

A new report provides recommended criminal justice system reforms based on a Sentinel Event Review (SER) of the wrongful conviction and 33-year incarceration of Hale.

Serena Mayeri

The Critical Role of History After Dobbs 

Prof. Serena Mayeri writes, “History can counsel against past errors and justify affirmative approaches to protecting rights and combating inequality.”

Professor Cathie Struve

Celebrating Excellence 

Prof. Catherine Struve receives the 2024 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Paul Robinson

American Criminal Law: Its People, Principles, and Evolution 

“Criminal law earns its moral authority by publicly committing itself to doing justice above all else,” said Prof. Paul H. Robinson.

Kate Shaw

Why the Supreme Court Should Clear the Way for a Pre-Election Trump Trial 

At The New York Times,Prof. Kate Shaw argues that the Court should reject Trump’s immunity argument quickly to allow a criminal trial to proceed before the presidential election in the fall.

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July 23, 2024

Bingo with Dean Lee

STAFF ONLY EVENT: Human Resources invites you to join Dean Lee in the Clock as we play 4, 15-minute rounds of Bingo. Lunch will be provided, and winners will be awarded prizes! Games will start at 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm, and 1:00pm.

July 23, 2024

Preparing for Public Defender Interviews

Attention rising 2Ls and 3Ls interviewing for summer and post-grad public defender positions. Join us as we discuss interview format, strategies and best practices, and answer questions you have about the PD interview process. We’ll be joined by alums with experience at state and federal PD offices across the country. **This event is for Penn Carey Law students only.**

July 29, 2024

LLM Class of 2025 Orientation

LLM Pre-Term Program starts with Orientation on July 29, 2024, and ends with the Pre-Term summer 2024 final celebration on August 28, 2024.