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AI for the Antitrust Regulator 

Prof. Cary Coglianese writes, “The same digital tools that drive innovations in the private sector can—and in some cases must—be deployed to improve regulators’ ability to oversee markets.”

Driving Systemic Change to Prevent Domestic Violence Fatalities 

The Quattrone Center and the City of San Francisco have released a report recommending policies and procedures to reduce domestic violence-related fatalities.

Charting the Coast Guard’s Next Decade 

A NASEM committee chaired by Prof. Cary Coglianese has released a report offering recommendations to the Coast Guard and Congress for meeting emerging challenges facing the maritime sector.

Cracking Down on Overdose Deaths 

At The Regulatory Review, Katie Cohen L’24, MBE’24 explores the complexities of and continued barriers to increasing access to over-the-counter treatment for opioid overdose.

Excellence in Corporate & Securities Scholarship 

Articles by Profs. Jill E. Fisch (left) and Elizabeth Pollman are among Corporate Practice Commentator’s Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles of 2022.

‘America’s Mothers Are Suckers’ 

“Mother’s Day is a celebration that inspires its purported honorees to reflect on the very nature of a consolation prize,” writes Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 at Slate.

‘Fool Me Once’ 

“The fear of playing the sucker can make it harder to read your own moral compass,” writes Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 at The Pennsylvania Gazette.

Equal Rights Amendment Advocacy 

“The fight for the E.R.A… .  should serve as a reminder that constitutional amendment is possible,” writes Visiting Prof. Kate Shaw at The New York Times.

Institutional Investor Efforts to Promote Corporate Diversity 

Prof. Jill E. Fisch analyzes institutional investor efforts to promote corporate diversity and, in particular, the rationale for these efforts.

Regulating Machine Learning 

Prof. Cary Coglianese discusses the Biden administration’s recent actions concerning the federal government’s use of artificial intelligence.

Neurodiversity in the Legal Profession 

In the NALP Bulletin, Joanna Craig explores how increasing efforts to recruit and support neurodiversity in the legal profession raises new disclosure questions.

Lessons on Diplomacy 

After spending a semester studying women’s international human rights, Penn Carey Law students visited the UN Headquarters in New York.

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June 13, 2023

Master in Law Skills Session with Professor Simon

ML Students:  Join Professor Jessica Simon for this “crash course, law school skills session”.

June 15, 2023

Washington D.C. Alumni Regional Club Reception

We are thrilled to host a reception for our Washington D.C. community. We invite you to come reconnect with fellow alumni and meet incoming and current students.

June 16, 2023

Overview of the US Judicial System with Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Judge Restrepo will deliver a brief overview of the judicial system in the United States, including the parallel state and federal systems, both civil and criminal.