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Exploring ESG 

In Prof. Lisa M. Fairfax’s trailblazing course, students unpack the history of the ESG movement—and prepare to chart its future.

Sheridan Macy L'24

Climate Law & Human Rights 

Sheridan Macy L’24 shares her experience working at the intersections of environmental law and human rights.

Digital art of the western hemisphere.

AI & Climate Change 

The Penn Program on Regulation launches a series of monthly workshops exploring the connections between artificial intelligence and climate change.

Shelly Welton

Combatting Luxury Emissions 

In The Journal, Prof. Shelley Welton argues for addressing “luxury emissions” to ignite a larger cultural shift against excessive carbon emissions.

Biden Vetoes Anti-ESG Resolution 

“Both the congressional resolution and the presidential veto represent a contentious battle,” writes Alexandra Walsh L’24, WG’26 for The Regulatory Review.

Modernizing the Federal Regulatory Process 

At Bloomberg Law, Prof. Cary Coglianese discusses President Biden’s executive order that aims to modernize and strengthen the federal regulatory system.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy 

Project Green Swan, co-developed by Mehrnoosh Aryanpour SJD’25, has been named winner of the Lauder Institute’s 2023 Jacobson Global Venture Award.

Grid Reliability Through Clean Energy 

Prof. Shelley Welton’s paper outlining innovative strategies for strengthening grid reliability while accelerating the nation’s transition to a lower-carbon energy system has been award ASU’s Morrison Prize.

The Law of Networks, Platforms, and Utilities 

Prof. Shelley Welton has co-authored a new casebook that encourages using the tools of NPU law to help address some of the most pressing problems of our time.

Thought Leadership: Closing the Climate Funding Gap 

Prof. Bill Burke-White proposes a “green investment treaty” to close the climate funding gap.

Neutralizing the Atmosphere 

“Disjunctive efforts toward net zero … threaten to undermine the legal, political, and physical foundations of the global project,” writes Prof. Shelley Welton.

Bolstering Environmental Initiatives 

Penn Carey Law offers a comprehensive range of opportunities related to climate change and the law.

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November 8, 2023

Nonprofit Board Fellowship Application

Wonder what it’s like to be a nonprofit board member? Curious about nonprofit governance? Want to develop your leadership skills in a high impact setting? The NBF program matches second year Wharton MBA and Penn Carey Law students with the boards of local nonprofits, where they serve as visiting board members. Upon selection, fellows enter into an experiential learning environment that combines nonprofit service with personal development and membership in a community of like-minded peers. Applications are due December 12th, follow this link to apply.  If you have any questions we are also hosting a Q&A Zoom call on November 28th at 7 pm. RSVP here.

December 1, 2023

SJD and Visiting Scholars Workshop Series

SJD and Visiting Scholars Workshop Series SJD candidate Eran Globus will discuss his upcoming paper “Privacy and Power in Data-driven Societies.”

December 2, 2023

Waseda - Penn Global Patent Law Conference (Virtual Event)

Join CTIC for this virtual event to hear panels “Hot Issues in the Areas of Novelty & Non-Obviousness” and “Court-Led Patent Dispute ADR”. Please note, the event occurs on December 2 from 13:00-17:30 JST.