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Winter 2013: Penn Law Faculty Travel

December 09, 2013

In November, David Abrams traveled to Brazil to speak at a Conference on Patent Statistics for Decisions Makers, sponsored by the OECD in Rio de Janeiro.  Later the same month, he gave lectures at the University of Oslo, University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich.  In December, Abrams will give lectures at Hebrew University.

Bill Bratton traveled to Beijing, China in October for a conference on Commercial law hosted by Tsinghua Faculty of Law.

William Burke-White and Eric Feldman represented Penn Law at the annual Global Forum, this year hosted as Waseda University in Tokyo, along with a delegation of four students, Chelsea Fish L’16, Kristin Teager L’15, Angela Wu L’15, and Daniel Yip GL’14.  This year’s topic looked at “International Law: From Mere Pluralism towards Constitutionalism”

Sophia Lee traveled to London in October to attend the University of Notre Dame in London’s “International Perspectives on Public Law” conference where she presented chapters from her forthcoming book, “The Workplace Constitution from the New Deal to the New Right.”

In October, Charles Mooney traveled to Japan to participate in the 5th Annual Teaching Conference on Transnational Commercial Law where he made presentations on two panels, one on Cape Town Convention and one on Geneva Securities Convention. In November, Mooney was in Istanbul for a colloquium and Unidroit committee meeting on the USG delegation.  In December, he traveled to Vienna as the International Insolvency Institute’s observer at the UNCITRAL working group on secured transactions, working on a model law.

Sarah Paoletti travelled to Sydney, Australia in August for meetings at the University of New South Wales. While there she lectured in the UNSW International Human Rights Clinic, host for a forthcoming report entitled “Access to Justice for Migrant Workers from Within Countries of Origin: Indonesia,” and presented on a broader research project entitled Access to Justice for Migrant Workers along the Asia-Middle East Corridor. In October, she visited Geneva, Switzerland to meet with the UNHCR and other stakeholders regarding a forthcoming report from the Transnational Legal Clinic about the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana. Prof. Paoletti was joined by Chelsea Edwards L’15 and Margot Campbell L’14.

In August, Paul H. Robinson gave lectures for the International Criminal Law Conference at Austral University in Argentina, and for the Prosecution Service of the City of Buenos Aires.  In September, Robinson presented at the Student Conference on Criminal Law at the Universidad de Chile.

In October, Christopher Yoo visited Nusa Dua, Indonesia for a panel on “Cyber War, Cyber Weapons and Internet Governance” and a workshop on “Multistakeholderism and the Dynamic Internet on Internet Governance” both hosted by the Global Internet Governance Academic Network.

Shyam Balganesh

Jacques deLisle