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Madison, WI Protest Review


We need your help!

The City of Madison and Madison Police Department are committed to the protection and promotion of the First Amendment and of the right of citizens to peacefully protest in public spaces.  In the wake of several protests in the past few months in which the Madison Police Department deployed force against civil protestors, the City and MPD have engaged the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School to conduct a review of these protests.  The review is designed to learn from these events to improve their ability to support  and promote legal public gatherings and civil demonstration.

The Madison Police Department seeks to assess and improve its ability to ensure a safe environment in Madison while treating our community with dignity and respect, and in a way that ensures and promotes the safe expression of Constitutional freedoms.

This web site has been created to allow citizens of Madison to provide information regarding the protests to the Quattrone Center that will ensure a full and unbiased evaluation of the events.  Any information you provide is completely voluntary, and the Quattrone Center’s use of the information is provided on the next page.


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