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Antitrust Reform 

September 8, 2022

At The Hill, Prof. Christopher S. Yoo urges Congress to not allow “the heat of the ‘techlash’ moment” to guide antitrust reform decisions.


Equal Access to Justice 

August 8, 2022

Jim Sandman L’76  urges California legislators to amend a bill that would “prohibit reforms that are essential to allow people to exercise their civil rights.”

Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion 

Abortion Rights Post-Dobbs 

July 27, 2022

At Penn Today, Prof. Dorothy Roberts discussed what the Dobbs decision means for abortion rights across the U.S.

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights 

Weakening Miranda Rights 

July 25, 2022

Senior Fellow David Rudovsky recently spoke to KYW News Radio about the Supreme Court’s decision in Vega v. Tekoh.

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Justice 

Bankruptcy System Backlash 

July 21, 2022

Prof. David A. Skeel discusses the recent backlash against the bankruptcy system — including against judge shopping, the Texas Two-Step and third-party releases — and what can be done.


Health Care in the Court 

July 18, 2022

In The Regulatory Review, Prof. Allison Hoffman, analyzes the major health-related decisions of the Supreme Court’s last term.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Research and Scholarship 

Judicial Activism 

July 18, 2022

Prof. Kermit Roosevelt explains judicial activism in a historical sense, and how justices today interpret the Constitution and federal and state policies.

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Courts & the Judicial System, Research and Scholarship 

Dangerous Opinion on Climate Change 

July 13, 2022

“[T[here is no escaping the conclusion that the opinion is dangerous on two fronts: for the climate and for administrative capacity more broadly,” writes Prof. Shelley Welton of the Court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Environmental Law, Research and Scholarship 

Freedom of Speech or Coerced Prayer? 

July 12, 2022

Prof. Kermit Roosevelt recently discussed the Supreme Court’s decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton Sch. Dist. with KYW.

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Research and Scholarship 

Hong Kong Handover 

July 5, 2022

Prof. Jacques deLisle discusses where Hong Kong stands now at 25 years under Chinese control, and what the future might hold.

International & Comparative Law 

‘Devastating’ Climate Change Decision 

July 1, 2022

Prof. Shelley Welton calls the decision “bad for climate change and bad for people in the administration who are working creatively on solutions to the big, important problems that are facing the nation.”

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Environmental Law, Research and Scholarship 

Expanding Judicial Sentencing Discretion 

June 30, 2022

The Quattrone Center’s John Hollway shares his insights on the Court’s decision on sentencing reductions under the First Step Act.

Research and Scholarship