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Adjunct Prof. Fernando Chang-Muy explains the Biden Administration’s DACA proposal 

October 13

Adjunct Prof. Chang-Muy explores the past, present, and future of DACA in this Q&A.
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Adjunct Prof. Fernando Chang-Muy explains the refugee security screening and resettlement process in the U.S. 

October 7

People who wish to enter the United States as refugees must prove a “well-founded fear of persecution, based on five grounds: race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion.”
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Lauren Davis L’21 advocates for safe and healthy housing in Philadelphia through Independence Fellowship 

August 24

After college, Lauren worked as a paralegal at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, which inspired her to attend law school.
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New Global Research Seminar explores Israel’s influence as a ‘High Tech Nation’ 

August 23

Robert G. Fuller, Jr. Professor of Law Gideon Parchomovsky and Muhammad Sarahne SJD’20 will lead the course, which includes a research trip to Israel over Spring Break.
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Rekha Nair L’12 named Executive Director of the Phoenix Legal Action Network 

August 16

For Rekha Nair L’12, standing alongside a person as they navigate the American immigration system offers something powerful: unity in a world of separation.
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University of Pennsylvania Carey Law students represent the United States as virtual delegates in conference on same sex marriage laws around the world 

June 28

In Spring of 2021, the annual Waseda Transnational Program migrated to the internet. During the week-long program, students and scholars engaged in comparative analysis and discussion of the legal landscape of LGBTQ issues across the globe.
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Patricia Stottlemyer L’17 fights for more equitable access to asylum system 

June 14

At Human Rights First, Patricia Stottlemyer L’17 uses impact litigation to fight for more equitable access to the legal system for asylum seekers.

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Transnational Legal Clinic students ‘learn fast and work hard in a broken system’ 

August 16

Transnational Legal Clinic students represent clients from around the world attempting to obtain asylum and victims of human trafficking and other crimes hoping to secure immigration visas.
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Faculty react to SCOTUS ruling on DHS v. Thuraissigiam 

June 25

On Thursday, the court released its opinion in Department of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam. The justices held that, in this case, restrictions on the ability of asylum seekers to obtain review under a federal habeas statute did not violate the suspension or due process clauses.
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