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Charting the Coast Guard’s Next Decade 

June 21, 2023

A NASEM committee chaired by Prof. Cary Coglianese has released a report offering recommendations to the Coast Guard and Congress for meeting emerging challenges facing the maritime sector.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Research and Scholarship 

Did SCOTUS Fix ‘Brown Shoe?’ 

May 24, 2023

“As other zombies, Brown Shoe should be put back in its coffin,” writes Prof. Herb Hovenkamp at ProMarket.


Fair Use in Visual Arts 

May 24, 2023

Practice Prof. Cynthia Dahl writes that the Andy Warhol SCOTUS decision “has wider implications for other art forms, like music and adaptions of literary works.”

IP & Technology Law 

Excellence in Corporate & Securities Scholarship 

May 18, 2023

Articles by Profs. Jill E. Fisch (left) and Elizabeth Pollman are among Corporate Practice Commentator’s Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles of 2022.

Research and Scholarship 

American Philosophical Society Election 

May 18, 2023

The esteemed American Philosophical Society, founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin, has elected Prof. Dorothy E. Roberts to join its prestigious membership.

Cross-Disciplinary, Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion 

Award-Winning Educators 

May 11, 2023

Penn Carey Law recognized six faculty members with teaching awards for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Experiential Learning, Institutional Highlights 

‘Fool Me Once’ 

May 8, 2023

“The fear of playing the sucker can make it harder to read your own moral compass,” writes Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 at The Pennsylvania Gazette.

Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

Institutional Investor Efforts to Promote Corporate Diversity 

May 5, 2023

Prof. Jill E. Fisch analyzes institutional investor efforts to promote corporate diversity and, in particular, the rationale for these efforts.

Research and Scholarship 

Regulating Machine Learning 

May 4, 2023

Prof. Cary Coglianese discusses the Biden administration’s recent actions concerning the federal government’s use of artificial intelligence.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, IP & Technology Law, Research and Scholarship 

Ending Mass Incarceration 

April 26, 2023

At Slate, Seema Saifee, Quattrone Center Research Fellow, explores how incarcerated individuals have contributed to the conversation on reducing incarceration and crime.

Centers & Institutes, Criminal Law & Justice, Research and Scholarship, Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion 

Fox News Defamation Settlement 

April 18, 2023

Prof. Cary Coglianese and Amanda Shanor, Asst. Prof. at Wharton, offer insight into the recent settlement in the Fox News defamation case.

Torts, Restitution, & Insurance Law 

The Deal with Hush Money Payments 

April 14, 2023

At Slate, Prof. Tess-Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 discusses when hush money payments cross a legal line.