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American Criminal Law: Its People, Principles, and Evolution 

March 18, 2024

“Criminal law earns its moral authority by publicly committing itself to doing justice above all else,” said Prof. Paul H. Robinson.

Criminal Law & Justice, Research and Scholarship 

Red-Blue Divide’s Effect on Criminal Law 

January 25, 2024

Prof. Paul H. Robinson writes that “the evidence suggests that there are not red codes and blue codes — and more importantly, there never will be.”


Supporting Global Legal Education 

April 18, 2022

The Bar Council of the Maldives visited the Law School to assist its efforts in regulating legal education and the legal profession in the Republic of Maldives.


Law School and Biddle Law Library celebrate 10 million legal scholarship downloads 

December 2, 2021

In the past year alone, nearly two million papers have been downloaded from the Law School’s Legal Scholarship Repository.