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Items tagged with Media


  • October 21
    The PA Department of Corrections’ nearly complete ban on recording in its facilities by lawyers and the media needs to be reexamined in light of advances in the use of digital audiovisual technology and visual legal advocacy.
  • December 12
    Law students are often inundated with information. Who needs more? But everyone acknowledges the growing influence of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Blogs are another social media tool that today’s law student and attorney needs to use. The judicious use of information from quality legal blogs is a skill that today’s law student needs to master, along with skillful use of Lexis Advance, Bloomberg Law, or WestlawNext.
  • October 10
    Are you interested for the battle for the White House? Getting ready to cast your vote for the US presidency? As election day draws near…
  • September 21
    Smartphones and tablets play such an important role in many people’s everyday lives—or at least it can feel like that sometimes.
  • September 18
    As we enter the political season full force after the Republican and Democratic Conventions, students of church and state issues will have a number of stories to follow as we approach election day in November, 2012. Blogs offer law students a good way to keep up-to-date on some of the key issues and debates particularly as they relate to the election.
  • August 22
    Over thirty years ago, C-SPAN began broadcasting the political affairs of Washington to households across the country. Their recordings of Congressional sessions, political debate, and many other programs provide a wealth of information, contemporaneous and historical, about the discourse and actions which shape our everyday lives.
  • March 28
    Elvis Costello reportedly once quipped that “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”   So what happens when…