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Remembering Founding Father James Wilson, Law School founder, on Constitution Day 

September 17

In addition to founding the Law School, Wilson was a member of the Continental Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence, framer of the U.S. Constitution, and one of the original U.S. Supreme Court justices.
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Texas abortion ban 

September 8

Penn Law’s Serena Mayeri on what the law means and what’s next for Texas and the nation.
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Velvet Rope Discrimination 

September 8

Public accommodations are private and public facilities that are held out to and used by the public.
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Making Penal Bureaucrats 

September 8

Now more than ever, legal education must come to grips with its role in shaping the minds of those who might help to dismantle — or strengthen — carceral institutions and practices.
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Tsiwen Law L’84 and his lifelong dedication to securing Asian American civil rights 

August 26

Tsiwen Law L’84 has been an Asian American civil rights activist for decades, dating to the anti-Vietnam War movement in the late 1960s.
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Serena Mayeri contributes to North Carolina Public Radio’s Pauli The Podcast 

May 28

Hear her comments on Episode One: Pauli Murray vs. Jane Crow
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California is finally confronting its history of slavery. Here’s how. 

May 26

Read the most recent op-ed in The Washington Post by Sally Gordon.
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BLSA Conference 33rd Annual Sadie T.M. Alexander Commemorative Conference: “Hidden Truths: Addressing a 13th Amendment Ambiguity that Created America’s Carceral State” 

March 16

The event brought together scholars and leading experts in the fields of law, sociology, and civil rights to engage in a robust conversation about the roots of mass incarceration and the prison abolition movement.
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Prof. Tani L’07 leads Law School’s Legal History Consortium through historic times 

February 16

The Legal History Consortium, jointly sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and the Penn’s Graduate History Department, was formed to promote interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and education in law and history.
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