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Congressional Testimony on AI and Intellectual Property 

January 30, 2024

Prof. Jennifer E. Rothman will testify on possible federal laws to address AI and how the proposed “No AI FRAUD Act” would make things worse.

IP & Technology Law 

‘Trump Too Small’ Case Analysis 

November 8, 2023

Prof. Jennifer E. Rothman shares her insight on Vidal v. Elster, a trademark case recently argued before the Supreme Court.

IP & Technology Law 

Federal Right of Publicity 

August 1, 2023

Prof. Jennifer E. Rothman continues to warn that “the right of publicity may pose a significant legal roadblock for developers of AI.”

IP & Technology Law 

Questions Remain After SCOTUS Trademark Decision 

June 8, 2023

Prof. Jennifer E. Rothman discusses the Supreme Court’s narrow ruling in the Jack Daniel’s case and its implications for both that case and trademark law generally.

IP & Technology Law