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Items tagged with Islamophobia


  • March 8

    This International Women’s Day, Trump’s concern with Muslim women’s experiences confronting bigotry, hatred, and violence is a welcome opportunity to educate and engage in dialogue.

    In both the United States and the European Union, Muslim women observing hijab are vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks. And, while so-called “honor killings” are seen as undermining women’s rights, such hate crimes are generally viewed through the lens of religion alone.

  • February 3
    In recent weeks, there has been an uptick in anti-Sharia legislation, an Executive Order implementing a de facto Muslim ban, and the introduction of a bill in Congress seeking to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization.  So-called “alternative facts” informed by anti-Muslim prejudice and hatred are the commonality threading these legal developments together.
  • October 13
    This summer saw a firestorm of controversy surrounding the so-called “burkini ban” on French beaches. While French courts quickly stopped the local prohibition on modest swimwear, unjust laws, policies, and practices are nothing new to Muslims in France or elsewhere in Europe. In fact, according to legal research and analysis forthcoming from the Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law at UCLA School of Law, hatred of Muslims as a people continues to grow in the region, as evidenced by, among other trends, increasing acts and threats of violence against the minority faith group.