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Prison Portraits: Photographic Self-Representation in an Image Desert 

December 7

As the Docs Program undertakes visual work on behalf of lifers incarcerated for decades because they are ineligible for parole, we confront a ban on photographing and filming in prisons.  Prison Portraits may be useful in providing not only a way to deal with the ban, but also an argument why it is wrong.
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Collective Trauma, Transitional Justice and Two Documentaries about Philadelphia’s Confrontation with MOVE 

July 3

As “Let the Fire Burn” (2013) and “The Bombing of Osage Avenue” (1987) show in very different ways, May 13, 1985 was a traumatic day in the history of police/citizen relations in Philadelphia.  Its legacy is reflected in contemporary controversies over race relations in America.
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Twenty years later: Law School faculty reflect on 9/11’s impact on the law 

September 10

Law School faculty share their insights into how 9/11 has impacted the law, particularly in their areas of expertise:
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Margaret Zhang L’15 advocates for pregnancy and lactation rights at the Women’s Law Project 

August 23

Zhang’s own experience of attempting to obtain lactation accommodations to take the bar exam helped inspire her career path.
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Pathways to the Profession: Trevor Stankiewicz L’23 

August 9

A recipient of the Mead Fellowship, Trevor Stankiewicz L’23 is interning at Fortify Rights, a global nonprofit that works to ensure human rights for all people.
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LLM graduate fellows to advance human rights in the justice system and technological world 

August 4

The work of Hugh Fitzgibbon LLM’21 and Meri Baghdasaryan LLM’21 is supported by the Law School’s LLM Postgraduate Public Interest Fellowship.
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Public interest fellows to advocate for civil and criminal justice worldwide 

July 28

Upon graduation, eighteen 2021 graduates will pursue important and diverse public interest work with the support of prestigious fellowship funding.
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