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2021 Global Institute for Human Rights’ Hackathon aimed to build a more equal and sustainable post-COVID-19 world 

October 18

The 2021 Global Institute for Human Rights - Build Back Better focused on generating novel approaches to address human rights challenges during a global pandemic.
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Hon. Naheed Farid testifies before the Senate Committee on Banking 

October 14

Farid is the immediate former Member of Afghanistan Parliament and is a visiting researcher at the Law School this academic year.
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Joe Jablonski C’81, L’87 publishes debut novel, A Thing With Feathers, as J. John Nordstrom 

October 14

A Thing With Feathers is a work of original literary fiction that explores the nature of the highest love humans are capable of attaining: “soulmate love.”
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Adjunct Prof. Fernando Chang-Muy explains the Biden Administration’s DACA proposal 

October 13

Adjunct Prof. Chang-Muy explores the past, present, and future of DACA in this Q&A.
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New research on the Economics of Digital Services released by CTIC and The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences 

October 11

The research delves into the role data play in digital platforms’ business strategies and their antitrust implications.

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