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Bankruptcy System Backlash 

July 21, 2022

Prof. David A. Skeel discusses the recent backlash against the bankruptcy system — including against judge shopping, the Texas Two-Step and third-party releases — and what can be done.


SCOTUS Bankruptcy Decision 

June 9, 2022

Bankruptcy expert Prof. David A. Skeel offers his perspective on the Court’s decision in Siegel v. Fitzgerald.

Research and Scholarship 

Historic Debt Restructuring 

May 10, 2022

Prof. Skeel chaired the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, known locally as “la Junta.”

Law & Economics, Legal Culture & History, Research and Scholarship 

At The Wall Street Journal, Prof. David Skeel reviews three books that explore the past and future of hedge funds 

March 10, 2022

Skeel focuses his research and scholarship on bankruptcy, corporate law, financial regulation, Christianity and law, and other topics.

Research and Scholarship 

Prof. David Skeel testifies before U.S. Senate subcommittee on the potential abuse of ‘Texas Two-Step’ transactions in the Chapter 11 reorganization process 

March 3, 2022

“The opportunity for abuse — and for undercutting the rights of victims and other creditors — is obvious,” wrote Skeel.

Research and Scholarship 

Law School and Biddle Law Library celebrate 10 million legal scholarship downloads 

December 2, 2021

In the past year alone, nearly two million papers have been downloaded from the Law School’s Legal Scholarship Repository.