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The Power of a Carey JD/MBA 

July 11, 2024

The Carey JD/MBA at Penn Carey Law and Wharton is a leader among its peers as a fully integrated program with myriad opportunities and a close-knit community.

Cross-Disciplinary, Institutional Highlights 

Distinguished Lecture on Jurisprudence 

May 15, 2024

Prof. Anita L. Allen will deliver the 2024 HLA Hart Memorial Lecture at the University of Oxford.

Cross-Disciplinary, Ethics, Research and Scholarship 

Combining Law and Public Health Degrees 

May 13, 2024

Henry Fisher L’24, MPH’24 shares his experiences in the University of Pennsylvania’s JD/MPH (Master of Public Health) program.


Intersection of Healthcare and Law 

April 15, 2024

Dr. Lee Fleisher C’82, ML’24 said, “Understanding the vocabulary and the basic premises of the law is helpful in almost everything I do now.”

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Cross-Disciplinary 

Leading the American Student Dental Association 

April 1, 2024

Two ML candidates, Parker Norman D’25, ML’26 and Samarth Setru D’25, ML’26, have secured ASDA national leadership positions.


Journey from History to Cybersecurity Law 

February 29, 2024

Dylan Roberts ML’26 discusses his experiences in the Master in Law (ML) Program.

Cross-Disciplinary, IP & Technology Law 

The Bounded Triumph of Health Care Ballot Initiatives 

February 6, 2024

“Medicaid expansion ballot initiatives show state referenda can expand health care access—but they have their limits,” write Prof. Allison K. Hoffman and Katie Cohen L’24, MBE’24.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

AI & Environmental Concerns 

December 15, 2023

In an interview with Environmental Innovations Initiative, Prof. Cary Coglianese discusses how artificial intelligence intersects with climate and environmental regulations. 

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Cross-Disciplinary, Environmental Law, Research and Scholarship 

Innovation in Practice 

November 17, 2023

Students reach across disciplinary boundaries to reimagine our legal institutions in Penn Carey Law’s future-looking course, “Innovation in Practice.”

Courts & the Judicial System, Cross-Disciplinary, Experiential Learning, Legal Culture & History 

Psychology of Legal Decision-Making 

November 2, 2023

In the “Psychology of Legal Decision-Making” seminar, students learn about substantive areas of legal scholarship and also practice essential skills for understanding—and even developing—new empirical research.

Cross-Disciplinary, Experiential Learning, Research and Scholarship