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What Does ChatGPT Mean For Us? 

March 24, 2023

The Future of the Profession Initiative recently hosted a conversation with leading experts to separate the hype from reality of ChatGPT.

Centers & Institutes, Cross-Disciplinary, IP & Technology Law 

Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy 

March 20, 2023

Project Green Swan, co-developed by Mehrnoosh Aryanpour SJD’25, has been named winner of the Lauder Institute’s 2023 Jacobson Global Venture Award.

Administrative & Regulatory Law, Cross-Disciplinary, Environmental Law, International & Comparative Law 

New ILE Executive Director 

March 17, 2023

Norman M. Powell of Young Conway succeeds Larry Hamermesh as Executive Director of the Institute for Law & Economics.

Centers & Institutes, Cross-Disciplinary, Law & Economics 

Fear of Playing the Sucker 

March 14, 2023

Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 discusses her new book, Fool Proof, in this short video.


Why Student Loan Forgiveness Makes People Boiling Mad 

March 10, 2023

At Slate, Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 explores how the fear of playing the sucker shows up in rhetoric surrounding student loan forgiveness.

Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

‘The Making of Kiryas Joel’ 

February 17, 2023

Nomi M. Stolzenberg recently delivered the 2023 Gruss Lecture in Talmudic Civil Law, “American Shtetl: The Making of Kiryas Joel: A Hasidic Village in Upstate New York.”


‘Valentine’s Day Is For Fools’ 

February 14, 2023

Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 wishes readers a “Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers,” with “utter affection” at The Washington Post.

Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

The Psychology of Being Scammed 

February 8, 2023

“[F]eeling cheated,” writes Prof. Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05, G’06, PhD’08 at TIME, “is so aversive that people will go way out of their way to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

‘Live Free or Die’ 

February 2, 2023

Ukrainian Parliament member Oleksiy Goncharenko advocated a worldwide effort to “defeat evil” in the 2023 Holt Lecture.

Centers & Institutes, Cross-Disciplinary, International & Comparative Law 

Leading the Interdisciplinary Legal Academy 

January 19, 2023

Three interdisciplinary legal academics reflect on the role Penn Carey Law has played in their professional journeys.

Cross-Disciplinary, Research and Scholarship 

Journalism for Justice 

January 17, 2023

Former Washington Post journalist Radley Balko is joining the Quattrone Center as a Journalist Fellow.

Centers & Institutes, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Justice, Cross-Disciplinary 

Training Tomorrow’s Legal Scholars 

January 3, 2023

Penn Carey Law’s interdisciplinary faculty cultivates an enriching atmosphere for emerging legal academics.

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Cross-Disciplinary, Legal Culture & History, Research and Scholarship