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Not Girls in a Gang nor a Gang of Girls: A Law-Focused Review of “Out in the Night” 

August 11

The law uses the term “gang” too loosely.  “Out in the Night” explores what happened when the term was applied to four young-adult black working-class lesbians from Newark.
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Forget Flattery: The Attributes of a Good, Effective Sentencing Video 

May 29

A sentencing video should be more than a flattering portrait of a defendant; it should tell the story of what the defendant has done to deserve a lighter sentence and why he or she is unlikely to reoffend.
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Prof. Robinson and Lindsay Holcomb L’21 explore the importance of maintaining criminal law’s moral credibility 

September 22

“[A] criminal justice system that regularly deviates from empirical desert loses moral credibility and thereby loses crime-control effectiveness,” write Robinson and Holcomb.
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Prof. Robinson examines criminal law’s core principles 

May 27

In “Criminal Law’s Core Principles,” Robinson writes that focusing only on the current criminal justice theory leads to a “blank slate” conception of lawmaking, which is “dangerously misguided.”
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Prof. Morse argues that mental states should remain central to determinations of culpability and responsibility 

April 13

In a recent article, Prof. Morse explores internal and external challenges to culpability.
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