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Only “Good Victims” Need Apply: “Tales of the Grim Sleeper” and Poor Black Women in Crack Culture 

May 27

The story of a serial killer who took advantage of crack culture to prey on black women can tell us much about what is wrong with the notion of “the good victim.”
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“Last Day of Freedom”: Bill Babbitt’s Struggle with the Stigma of Being the Brother of a Murderer 

January 25

How does a brother cope with the shame, guilt, regret, and anger of being the relative of a mentally-ill ex-Marine who committed a murder, but should not have been executed for it?
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Not Girls in a Gang nor a Gang of Girls: A Law-Focused Review of “Out in the Night” 

August 11

The law uses the term “gang” too loosely.  “Out in the Night” explores what happened when the term was applied to four young-adult black working-class lesbians from Newark.
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Forget Flattery: The Attributes of a Good, Effective Sentencing Video 

May 29

A sentencing video should be more than a flattering portrait of a defendant; it should tell the story of what the defendant has done to deserve a lighter sentence and why he or she is unlikely to reoffend.
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Occupy Wall Street Filmmaker Wins First Round in Lawsuit Against Police, NYC 

March 28

A federal judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit by an activist who was arrested while filming protests in 2011. Now the filmmaker and her legal team will have a chance to investigate the city’s training policies regarding the First Amendment and handling the media.
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Meghan Downey L’21 argues for a totality of the circumstances approach for habeas petitions in forthcoming article 

September 20

Downey’s article was developed during a federal habeas corpus course at the Law School and will appear in the Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law.
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Twenty years later: Law School faculty reflect on 9/11’s impact on the law 

September 10

Law School faculty share their insights into how 9/11 has impacted the law, particularly in their areas of expertise:
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Public interest fellows to advocate for civil and criminal justice worldwide 

July 28

Upon graduation, eighteen 2021 graduates will pursue important and diverse public interest work with the support of prestigious fellowship funding.
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