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Items tagged with Copyright


  • April 14
    Need to add some images to a document or presentation? Use Google’s image search filters to find content that you can reuse.
  • October 27
    During the 2008 Presidential election, Fox News refused to grant John McCain permission to use a portion of his own speech. This is because McCain made the speech during a…
  • March 27

    I recently helped a student use an item in our Rare Books Collection to verify a citation that a professor had recorded for a forthcoming law review article.  One of the...

  • April 11
    Last week, the Copyright Office's Section 108 Study Group released a report that suggests changes in current copyright law for the benefit of librarians and their patrons. (More after the jump.)
  • January 17
    Welcome back! There's a nice debate online this week between a Columbia Law School professor and an entertainment industry executive regarding copyright and privacy. (More after the jump.)
  • November 27
    DRM, or digital rights management, refers to software and hardware based restrictions placed on creative material which aims at protecting a copyright…
  • September 24
    This video discusses the history of the "Amen break," widely considered a foundational beat of hip hop and electronica, and how it serves as a metaphor for debates surrounding copyright of music not strictly available in the public domain. It's a long video, so if you're curious, the copyright analysis starts around the 10 minute mark. (More after the jump.)
  • July 6

    A website called Aviva has posted a list of "12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Should Know." The rights and restrictions of blogs are particularly germane these days,...

  • April 23
    Last Friday, when most of you were probably studying for or taking exams, Drexel University Libraries sponsored a symposium on Intellectual Property Rights. Ed Greenlee, Bill Draper, Pat Callahan, and I were in attendance.
  • April 5
    As a previous post about a new exhibit at Biddle suggested, copyright is an area of the law in which Biddle librarians and the larger Penn Law community share a special interest.