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Occupy Wall Street Filmmaker Wins First Round in Lawsuit Against Police, NYC 

March 28

A federal judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit by an activist who was arrested while filming protests in 2011. Now the filmmaker and her legal team will have a chance to investigate the city’s training policies regarding the First Amendment and handling the media.
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Legal scholarship of Jessica Rizzo L’21 published in three law journals 

July 29

Rizzo’s recently published pieces span constitutional, environmental, family, and intellectual property law.
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Prof. Wolff: The Supreme Court’s First Amendment decision leaves vague the boundaries of its protection 

June 24

Prof. Wolff stated that while the decision is “good,” the opinion doesn’t offer much guidance for the future of the First Amendment in schools.
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Institute for Law and Philosophy’s Sigal Ben-Porath shares insights on Supreme Court’s ruling in First Amendment in schools case 

June 23

Ben-Porath calls it “a good day when [the Court] sides with a student’s right to freely express her views, her feelings, and her criticism of the rules of the community of which she forms a part.”