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Understanding Neurodiversity 

April 8, 2022

In the latest NALP Bulletin, Maureen Reilly reviews a book that explores why understanding neurodiversity is a necessity for all professions.

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Abolishing the Child Welfare System 

April 6, 2022

Mother Jones recently published an excerpt of Prof. Roberts’ new book, Torn Apart: How the Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families — And How Abolition Can Build a Safer World​.

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Prof. Dorothy Roberts traces the history of race and the regulation of Black women’s bodies in chapter for The 1619 Project 

March 24, 2022

Roberts is an acclaimed scholar of race, gender, and the law, and is the founding director of the Penn Program on Race, Science & Society in the Center for Africana Studies.

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BookList: Women in the Legal Profession 

March 8, 2022

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we have chosen to highlight books from our collection featuring women in the legal profession.

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BookList: Racially Restrictive Covenants 

February 15, 2022

February’s featured book list highlights works on racially restrictive covenants and the Shelley v. Kraemer case.

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BookList: Well-Being for Lawyers and Law Students 

December 2, 2021

In recognition of the importance of lawyer and law student well-being, we’ve highlighted some of the resources in Biddle’s collection focused on managing stress and finding fulfillment and satisfaction in practice.

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BookList: Native American Heritage Month 

November 15, 2021

In honor of National Native American Heritage month, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the resources in Biddle’s collection that deal with aspects of Native American life including contemporary culture and identity, history, tribal law and sovereignty, and the federal government’s relationship to indigenous nations.

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October’s BookList: Law and Magic 

October 14, 2021

For October we are featuring books in our collection on law and magic! Books selected by Susan Gualtier.

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