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Law & Justice Mentorship Program

The Law & Justice Mentorship Program (LJMP) is a pipeline initiative aimed toward connecting high school students of color, historically underrepresented in the legal profession, to critical pre-law opportunities and mentorship. The program aims to increase high school students’ exposure to and enrollment in local law schools. 


What we do:

LJMP operates through a partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, Heights Philadelphia, the Pepper Center for Public Service and local high schools.


LJMP’s structure has three components: In-School Sessions, Summer Internships, and Mentorship. In our In-School Sessions, LJMP volunteers lead problem-solving workshops and guide student discussion on key topics. Last year’s topics included mass incarceration, immigration and gun violence. These in-school sessions also feature workshops with local lawyers and advocates.


How we do it:

Law students lead classroom sessions every other week at Lincoln High School to guide discussions about current and meaningful legal issues and lead problem-solving workshops. 


How and when can I join:

The in-classroom sessions begin in January 2024. Interested volunteers should sign up now to complete the background clearance process and orientation for the project. If you are interested in joining, email project leaders Zoe Stern and Joy Dartey.


What skills will I develop:

Community engagement, leadership, group management, education and public speaking.