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Law & Justice Mentorship Program

Law & Justice Mentorship Program (LJMP) is a pipeline initiative aimed toward connecting high school students of color, historically underrepresented in the legal profession, to critical pre-law opportunities and mentorship. Our goal is focused on increasing high school student exposure to and enrollment in local law schools.

What we do:

We work with local high schools to create opportunities for groups of students to examine social issues, participate in summer internships, and develop a mentor relationship.

How we do it:

LJMP’s structure has three components: In-School Sessions, Summer Experience, and Mentorship. In our In-School Sessions, we help teach various topics and skills through guest speakers and workshops. To help build students’ summer experience, we pair students with pre-law organizations and law schools. Lastly, we connect students with mentors in law and justice related fields across the city.

How and when can I join:

If you are interested, please email Alisha Rodriguez at

What skills will I develop:

Community engagement, leadership, group management, education and public speaking.