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School Discipline Advocacy Service (SDAS)

The School Disciplinary Advocacy Service (SDAS) advocates for students facing suspensions and disciplinary transfers from the School District of Philadelphia.

What we do: 

We represent the interests of students, their families, and underrepresented communities in disciplinary proceedings where they have traditionally lacked advocacy. We deter processes of school pushout and work toward educational stability for students so that they may continue to learn and develop as individuals.

How we do it:

We partner with students and their families to learn their stories and prepare them to control their narrative. We accompany students to informal disciplinary hearings and assist them in navigating their hearings. In addition to working with students and their families, we partner with fellow law students from Temple, Villanova, and Drexel.

How and when can I join:

Interested students must attend an initial training. The time commitment for this project is flexible and can vary according to your schedule. The project is not currently accepting volunteers.

What skills will I develop:

Community engagement, interviewing/intake, client counseling, working with vulnerable clients, project management, conflict resolution

The work is likely to be New York Bar eligible.