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Youth Education Program (YEP)

The Youth Education Program places Penn Law students in under-resourced high schools throughout Philadelphia to teach students basic Constitutional principles. Through the curriculum, Penn Law students strive to hone the student’s argumentation skills and increase their civics knowledge, while giving students concrete examples of how the law impacts their lives. Volunteers provide a unique opportunity to make the law relatable and understandable for high school students. Not only do the Constitutional principles YEP teaches prove incredibly relevant to these students’ lives, but Penn Law students also become an integral part of their surrounding community. Following the basic lessons, Penn Law students then prep their students on a fact pattern meant to highlight all of the learned principles. The students will then compete against their peers from all the participating high schools in a Moot Court Competition which takes places at the Law School. Each student prepares a set of oral arguments and competes against other high school students. In short, the Youth Education Program offers real-world, hands on experience in enriching the community and in becoming a more skilled, engaged future lawyer, as law students prepare students to confront current problems and solve future ones.


Student Leaders

Carolyn Carpenter Internal Executive Director
Bryan McIntyre External Executive Director
James Kim Academic Director
Adrian Parlow Tournament Director
Tom Mandracchia Teaching Director
Jenna Smith Teaching Director
Zach Feldman Teaching Director
Jimmy Schuster Special Projects Committee
Kaitlin Gottlieb Special Projects Committee
Pratik Agarwal Special Projects Committee