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Financial Literacy Project (FLP)

The Financial Literacy Project aims to improve financial literacy among both children and adults in underserved communities in Philadelphia through presentations, question-and-answer sessions, and one-on-one counseling. The underlying principle of why we do what we do is that there is a lot of information asymmetry when it comes to people’s basic financial decisions. For people who don’t grow up having access to this information, it’s difficult to know what the right choices are, and decisions made at the beginning of adulthood can affect the rest of your life. We want to give information to people to both make informed decisions and improve their financial well-being throughout their lives.
We work with schools throughout Philadelphia (especially in North and West Philadelphia), in addition to community centers and nonprofit organizations like the People’s Emergency Center and Community Legal Services. After attending an initial training with a mock presentation, volunteers sign up for events, and there are sometimes additional event-specific trainings. There is no minimum amount of participation, and you can sign up for as many events as you like, provided that there is room.

Volunteers will learn more about financial literacy topics relevant to primary school students (spending/saving, credit scores, loans, saving for college) as well as particular economic challenges faced by underserved adult Philadelphians.

Student Leaders

Daniel Rakin Co-Director
Ben Barocas Co-Director